Grand Chapter Actions

Aug 23, 2021 – Even during challenging times, as it has done 52 times prior, the Grand Chapter was convened on August 5 to conduct the necessary and required business of the Fraternity.

The 53rd meeting of the Grand Chapter was different than any before it. There were no hugs and warm greetings exchanged, no fancy banquet and no endless nights gathering in hotel rooms or hotel restaurants discussing the day’s events and happenings.

What was not different, however, was delegates and non-delegate brothers alike gathered from around the world to hear updates, implement change and elect future leadership of the Fraternity. Just this time, as has been the case for so much in the last year, they did it through Zoom, while sitting at home.

Over 500 attendees observed and participated in business sessions, broadcast through Zoom, between August 5 and 15. For most of the business of Congress, delegates used a separate voting software—Meridia Cloud Vote—to cast their votes, be recognized to speak and have their voices heard (and that of the chapters they represented).

Much business was conducted during the 53rd meeting of the Grand Chapter thanks to delegates, staff and volunteers, including GP Tricia Smith, PGP Onuka Ibe, Chancellor Henry McDaniel, Missouri-Kansas City, and Parliamentarian Matt Hudson, Saint Louis. Much of this was possible due to the countless planning sessions leading up to Grand Chapter Congress between the Congress team and staff including Event Planner Shanda Gray, Interim Executive Director and Congress Secretary Jeremy Levine and Credentials Chair Tyler Havens.

The following special and emergency amendments were sustained by the Grand Chapter:

Original Adoption DateSpecial & Emergency AmendmentVote Count (required 3/4 vote)
March 11, 2020Direction to staff to work with chapters to ensure a safe and efficient Initiation for pledges in the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This included adjustment of timing, location, pledge requirements, and ceremony deviation to limit physical contact, and allow for Initiation without the use of regalia effective immediately through July 1, 2020.189-1
July 15, 2020Adoption of Virtual and Socially Distanced Rituals due to the ongoing pandemic and requirements for campuses to enact social distancing requirements or virtual classes effective until June 30, 2021.188-3
September 27, 2019Adoption of a single Initiation Ceremony, eliminating the oral examination.161-33
September 27, 2019Keeping consistency of Initiation Ritual verbiage changes approved at the 2019 Grand Chapter Congress to be more inclusive to ability and gender identities between all Ritual ceremonies throughout the Ritual book.  168-1
March 11, 2021Extended the Virtual and Socially Distanced Rituals though the end of 2021 Grand Chapter Congress.165-4


Additional actions include (vote counts listed in parentheses):

  • Bylaws, Article III, Section 5 and Article XIV, Section 4 & 5 were amended to clarify the use of the word “unanimous” pertaining to Board votes, clarifying a previous contradiction with the bylaws on PGP voting rights (192-6)
  • Article XI, Section 7 was amended to clarify language that alumni chapter delegates to Provincial Council must meet the same locality requirements as already exist for delegates to Grand Chapter Congress. (179-25)
  • Article IV, Section 4, Article VIII, Section 2, Article IX, Section 2, and Article VI, Section 1 added to allow the Board to optionally set requirements for training as a prerequisite to become an elected or appointed Grand Officer, District Director, or National Committee Chair of Delta Sigma Pi. (172-32)
  • Extended the use of the Virtual and Socially Distanced Ritual through the close of the 2022 Special Meeting of the Grand Chapter while authorizing the Board to reinstate the (pre-COVID-19) 2019 Ritual book as they deem appropriate prior to that time. (165-5)
  • Allowed the optional use of full regalia, including robes, to the Socially Distanced Ritual. The previously approved Socially Distanced Ritual is limited to only partial use of regalia. (152-4)
  • Permitted use of Ritual at hybrid events, allowing a portion of the chapter to be in person while others view an event, including Ritual, via approved alternatives. Additional implementation requirements will be added to the “Pledge Education Guide” as policy to ensure safe and fair pledge interactions. (153-17)
  • Failed proposal to grant permission for the Central Office to reproduce Ritual ceremonies in non-traditional ways, such as video recording. (102-61)
  • Failed proposal to allow placement of the badge on the lapels of suit jackets. (92-62)
  • Approved a resolution to name Bill Schilling Executive Director Emeritus for his 26 years of service to Delta Sigma Pi. 
  • Conferences/Academies