Provincial/Regional Leadership Elected

Aug 09, 2021 – Congratulations to these Provincial and Regional Vice Presidents-elect who were elected during our Virtual Grand Chapter Congress.

We are excited to welcome back those who will continue their current roles in the Fraternity, and welcome those who are taking on new responsibilities. These individuals will take office Sunday, August 15. 

Please join us in congratulating the following individuals: 

North Central Province

North Central PVP – Nicole Orlando

Central RVP – Rebecca Wells

Great Lakes RVP – Zac Hanson

Great Plains RVP – Jody Dierickx

Huron RVP – Anna Trenshaw

North Central RVP – Danielle Gohman


Northeastern Province                                                        

Northeastern PVP – Monica Monroe

Capital RVP – No election held

Empire RVP – Charles Weening

East Central RVP - Kenneth Weppler

Eastern RVP – No election held

New England RVP – Jennifer Huynh

Niagara RVP – Robert Fosdick

Steel Valley RVP – Patrick Bonfrisco


South Central Province

South Central PVP – Charlie Kenney

Gateway RVP – Joe Shaver

Gulf South RVP – Laura Bensabat

Gulf Western RVP – Gilbert Landras

Midwestern RVP – Katie Whalen

Southwestern RVP – Sara Casey

Tornado Alley RVP – Mark Wernette


Southern Province

Southern PVP – Meghan Hill

Atlantic Coast RVP – Trina Kirk

Central Gulf RVP - Kyle Bischoff

Mid-Atlantic RVP - Chelsey Fix

Mid-South RVP – Madison Whitehouse

South Atlantic RVP – Ron Neto-Taylor

Southeastern RVP – C.J. Cook


Western Province

Western PVP – Erica Kolsrud

Bay Area RVP – Mel Parazo

Desert Mountain RVP - Grissel Rodriguez

Pacific Coast RVP – Tim Beasley

Pacific Northwest RVP – Samantha Clark

Rocky Mountain RVP – Nick Rizzi

Sierra Nevada RVP – Cody Heimerdinger

South Pacific RVP – Louise Santos

Visit the chapter locator for a comprehensive listing of leadership, locations and contact information. 

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