Gamma Celebrates 105th Anniversary Virtually

Jul 08, 2021 – The chapter founded in 1916 at Boston University is currently the oldest active Deltasig chapter.

The anniversary celebration, which was held virtually on Thursday, June 10, recognized the success of the chapter and an outstanding alumnus while also announcing future plans.

Gamma was reactivated in 2007. “As a younger member, at the time I didn’t realize how much work it would take to get [Gamma] reinstated. But it was [exciting] to bring back an organization, especially one with so much history, and has been around for so long,” said Cecilia Enriquez, during a Q&A portion of the event.  Enriquez also shared that outside of BU, “There is an immediate connection when you meet another brother out in the workforce. It’s helped me out a lot.” The chapter will be taking this opportunity to launch a mentorship program planned for Fall 2021.

During the event, Austin Hed was also named Alumni of the Year for his dedication and active service to the chapter, especially through facilitating events. The event concluded with a presentation on the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation from Trustee Emeritus Stacy Jordan. 

To learn more about Gamma Chapter, review their Chapter Profile, read their chapter petition from their reactivation in 2007 or search the magazine archives

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