ELCs at Their Finest (Series)

Apr 06, 2021 – Since the start of the program, there have been nearly 50 ELCs (with several variations of the title over time). Let’s catch up with John Watton!

What do a senior analyst, registered nurse, global lead solutions engineer, former CEO/executive director, senior account manager, firm administrator and business development manager have in common? Besides all being brothers, they all served Delta Sigma Pi as an educational and leadership consultant (ELC).

Historically, ELCs spent the majority of their time visiting and offering guidance and training to our collegiate chapters. While the visiting has become mostly virtual this year, the sharing of information and advice remains central to the role. Other duties include corresponding to collegiate and alumni members, regalia inventory/repair, conducting
reviews of the Pledge Education Program/chapter bylaws/policies, giving office tours, helping manage conferences, maintaining and updating informational resources and handouts and assisting other Central Office staff members.

John Watton (1975-1978)

John Watton 4John Watton, Florida Atlantic, lives in Roswell, Ga. with wife Bobbi, West Florida, a dog and cat.  He is a member of the Atlanta Alumni Chapter where he recently served as vice president-finance. John was recently recognized by Deltasig’s National Board with a Distinguished Alumni Service Award for his many volunteer efforts, primarily in helping with tracking alumni. 

A funny memory from John’s time as a consultant: “I was out with a chapter a little too late during a visit and asked the hotel for a 6:00 AM wake-up call to make it to the airport on time. The hotel forgot to call me and I woke up with only 45 minutes to make my flight. I got dressed, ran to the hotel shuttle and made it to the airplane as they were closing the door. I got to my seat and the next thing I remember the plane shook because it was landing at the next stop. ” Watton’s favorite parts of the job were the travel and returning to a chapter after his ideas were implemented and seeing they were happy with the results. 

John is currently retired, having most recently served as the firm administrator for accounting firm Saltmarsh Cleaveland & Gund, PA in Pensacola, Fla. He credits the organizational skills acquired during his years as a consultant for helping him succeed at the firm. “Since I was involved with Grand Chapter Congress and Regional Conferences, while at the accounting firm I was responsible for organizing the firms retreats. I had several shareholders tell me how organized the retreats were and how they came off without a hitch.”


Delta Sigma Pi is always looking for qualified alumni to serve as ELCs! If you’re looking for a fun way to give back to the Fraternity, travel the United States, and gain great professional experience, this program is for you! For more details, or to apply, contact Associate Director of Chapter Services Tyler Havens (havens@dsp.org or 513-523-1907 x221).

By: Stacy Heyderhoff, Cincinnati Alumni

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