Brother Creates Easy, Go-to Sweater for Work and Life

Jan 07, 2021 – A love of adventure and the desire for durable clothing are behind the creation of new sweater brand, Oliver Charles.

When we heard Jack Paley, North Carolina-Chapel Hill, had co-founded a company that creates “an easy, go-to sweater for work and life,” we knew we had to learn more about his company, Oliver Charles, and its products!

To our excitement, Rocky Mountain RVP Nick Rizzi connected with Paley through a video call, where the two discussed the brand’s beginnings, the product itself and of course, Deltasig. (Watch the interview at

DurinSweaters-Hanging-Wideg the exciting and informative interview (where Paley sported a soft, comfortable- looking sweater), Jack begins with an introduction of the product itself – the Oliver Charles sweater. “We tried to find two things we were excited about both in the material and the production space to create these sweaters,” says Jack. The material? The soft, durable underbelly fibers of high elevation yak (khullu). Known for being odor-resistant, breathable, insulating (yak naturally weather temperatures below -40 degrees Fahrenheit), soft, durable and biodegradable – seemingly everything one would want in a sweater-- the sweaters are available in fits for both men and women.

And the production? Jack and his friend and company co-founder Slater McLean are utilizing a modern and efficient technology, 3-D knitting, meaning the sweater is manufactured without seams, making it more durable and flattering than standard “cut and sew” products. Before launching the product, both Paley and McLean took countless hours of lessons from an instructor on hand-weaving to be confident and knowledgeable about the decisions they made regarding the production of their sweaters.  

While the company, founded in early 2020, might be brand new, the friendship behind it spans nearly 20 years. Brother Paley and co-founder McLean go back to eight years old, sharing the love of outdoor adventuring that has stood the test of time. The two, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, enjoy hiking and camping, particularly in Big Sur. Putting their clothing to the test on every adventure, the two realized it should be versatile, comfortable, and ready to withstand all of life’s adventures – from a boardroom to backpacking. After the idea sparked to create a “one for all” sweater (and a ton of Googling, Paley admits), Oliver Charles was born.

As this article is written in the final days of 2020, the company is nearing completion of its Indiegogo campaign – a place where early adopters and innovators can find lively, imaginative products before they become mainstream. The company began with a pre-order of the sweaters, and as of December 1, 2020 had raised over $50,000, with an estimated shipping date of February, 2021.

Ever hear of "enclothed cognition?" It's described well at, “Whether it’s tied to nostalgia, aspiration, or introspection, the clothes we wear have a profound impact on our wellbeing.” According to the company, the relationship with your clothes is personal, and what you wear can impact how you feel. In the interview, Paley and Rizzi discussed how the shift to work from home life has brought forth the heightened need for both comfort and professional style.


For Jack, Delta Sigma Pi has remained a part of his life since his initiation into Alpha Lambda at North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 2014. “I’m originally from Colorado. UNC doesn’t have a ton of out-of-state students, so when I went there, I didn’t have an immediate community, and I felt kind of lost and wanting to be a part of something. Delta Sigma Pi was the opportunity to do that.” For Paley, the Fraternity was a great opportunity to meet people from all walks of life who were interested in business, which he boils down to “we’re interested in new things and how things work in an economic perspective. I was interested in those topics, so it was a match made in heaven. I’m still in touch with a ton of my brothers. The community aspect of it has been, and still is, amazing for me.”

When asked by Rizzi what advice he would give to a fellow Deltasig following their dreams, Brother Paley said, “One takeaway bigger than any is that for me, it has been finding someone you love to work with, who brings a different skillset to the table, and is just as passionate about what you’re working on, who is in a similar stage of life, and feels similarly to you about going after an idea and building it.”

It can’t help but be pointed out – the Fraternity is a great place to find those people! And we hope you have.

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