Central Office Staff Participates in DEI Training

Nov 16, 2020 – The Central Office staff engaged in a session focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, resulting in meaningful discussion and growth.

On Friday, November 13, the Central Office staff took part in a virtual Diversity/Implicit Bias Trianing, led by Dr. Bennyce Hamilton, the Regional Director of Diversity & Multicultural Services and the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Miami University Regionals. 

During the interactive session, Dr. Hamilton began with a "cross the line" activity to help staff see the diversity and differences among each other based on past experiences. It also provoked meaningful dialogue among staffers on how many forms of diversity there truly are. Dr. Hamilton also spoke about implicit bias, and how it guides decisions individuals make -- the takeaway being self-awareness. Videos were shown highlighting micro-aggressions, and how although many individuals are well-intentioned, it is important to encourage dialogue, feedback and discussion, with the desire to learn and grow, and ultimately be the most inclusive person each person can be. 

Toward the end of the session, staffers were put into breakout groups to review a case study and were given time to discuss solutions and challenges. After the allotted time, everyone discussed each case study and their recommended solution to each. Topics included staff participation in embracing diversity, recruiting/hiring diverse employees and members, and more.

At the end, staff were given the opportunity to ask questions, which facilitated great discussion with Dr. Hamilton, ultimately leading to many solutions to consider for each department. 

"While opportunities such as this only scratch the surface of an ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, it is one of the many ways we are striving as an organization to take deliberate and necessary steps forward toward improvement and inclusivity," says Executive Director Bill Schilling. "Part of this educational session included use of the Harvard Implicit Associating Testing. That exercise is also a part of our in-progress collaboration with the Professional Fraternity Association and our peer groups to develop DEI training and tools to be collectively shared. Our goal is to provide meaningful education -- and growth -- at the pledge, chapter, leadership and staff levels."

A very special thank you to Dr. Bennyce Hamilton, who staff unanimously agreed provided an outstanding learning opportunity. 
  • Fraternity Operations