For Love and Delta Sigma Pi

Nov 13, 2020 – Delta Sigma Pi has a special way of bringing people together.

From entire families who share the Fraternity's mission, to love stories that began through a common love for Delta Sigma Pi - it's a special bond we are always honored to be a part of. 

South Central PVP Mark Wernette and Tornado Alley RVP Nicole Wernette (formerly Moeller) were married this summer in a Zoom ceremony, where friends, family and (of course!) brothers were able to witness their special day.

Besides each other, Nicole and Mark are passionate about many things, one of them especially being Delta Sigma Pi, and they prove that through personal contributions and continued advocacy for the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation. During the 2020 Virtual LEAD School, the Wernettes stepped up and provided a matching gift for donations made to the Claire Sammon Roberts Women in Leadership Fund. While the challenge ran through the entire LEAD School, the fundraising goal was surpassed after the first week due to the excitement generated by the matching gift. Due to the donations during the LEAD School, and the Wernettes' matching gift, the fund hit the minimum endowment level and will soon start providing annual support. This is just one example of matching your passion with your philanthropy, and the Wernettes did so in a fun, creative and successful way.


We recently caught up with them to talk Deltasig, their recent wedding, and more! 

Q: How did the two of you meet?
A: We should have met twice a year, every year since 2008 at LEAD while we were in college and as alumni. We met at Little Rock LEAD in 2014. Brother Jackie Soetmelk, Rockhurst (MO), introduced us right before lunch. 

Q: How does Deltasig play a role in your relationship?
A: Without Deltasig, we wouldn't have met or volunteered together. We became friends by volunteering together as RVPs (Tornado Alley and Midwestern). It allows us to volunteer together, give to the Foundation together, and keep a large group of mutual friends. 

Q: What is something you've learned from the other about being a great leader?
A: Balance. Delta Sigma Pi is important to us and so it is important to balance our relationship with something we both love doing and being a part of. With one of us being a RVP and one a PVP, sometimes that can be tricky if there is a lot happening (AKA COVID-19). 

Q: Purple or gold?
A: Purple! One of our wedding colors was a shade of purple.

More about Mark and Nicole: 
Nicole, who was initiated into Kappa Omicron at Missouri State, started her service in college, serving as VPSA, VPPA and VPPE between 2008 and 2012. She went on to become District Director for Nu Omega at Rockhurst (MO). She has also served as Midwestern RVP (2015-2019) and on many committees, including Leadership Foundation committees, where she serves on its Advancement Committee. Mark was initiated into Epsilon Zeta at Midwestern State (TX), where he served as VPCO from 2008-2009. He has served as District Director for his home chapter (2011-2013), Tornado Alley RVP (2013-2017) and additionally on countless committees/task forces.

Mark is the Vice President and Compliance Officer at FSNB, National Association. He also serves on the Board of Directors for CASA-Red River and The Financial Institutions Housing Opportunity Pool (FIHOP). 

In their spare time, they kayak in their tandem kayak, hike the Wichita Mountains and play with their cat, Pixie. 
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