An Essential Worker. An Essential Brother.

Nov 10, 2020 – As the glory of retirement was nearing, the light at the end of the professional tunnel was beginning to dim in the fog of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As businesses began transition to a virtual work environment and many workers were sent home, Ruben Johnston, Nevada-Las Vegas, remained on the job as an essential worker.

As a Central Dispatching Center Electronic Technician (CDCET) for the Union Pacific Railroad, his role was vital to ensuring the continued operations of our railroad system. With only months to go until his expected retirement, he was working harder than ever, and doing it in a new environment.

COVID-19 made him an essential worker, but it is his ongoing loyalty, passion and love for Delta Sigma Pi that made him an essential brother. A staple at Fraternity events, Ruben has served as District Director for Nebraska-Omaha and Houston. Having attended more than 30 national Fraternity events, he was honored with the Silver Helmet Award in 2017.

During the 2019 Grand Chapter Congress in Atlanta, this dedicated brother set a personal goal to reach the Centurion Level for lifetime giving before his retirement. In June 2020, he reached and surpassed the $100,000 goal, the same month he officially retired.

Ruben has been a loyal Foundation donor since his first gift in 1996. He is member of the 10K Club, 2007 Centennial Society and Deltasig Investors Roundtable. While his donations span many causes and funds, he found his primary philanthropic passion with the Space City Fund. In more recent years he also contributed greatly to the Veterans Fund, as a proud veteran of the United States Navy.

Now happily retired, he remains an essential brother and always will.
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