Fraternity Address

May 07, 2020 – Below is an open letter from Grand President Tricia Smith to brothers.


I want to take a moment to address some questions we have received, share additional decisions made from that feedback, and continuing work being conducted both on chapter recognition and other items related to the continued operations of the Fraternity.

Suspension of CMP Tiered Recognition Levels 

Since the recent decision to suspend CMP tiered recognition levels was communicated, we have heard feedback from many chapters and alumni, both in support and opposed to the decision. After continued discussion and information shared by Central Office staff, DDs, and RVPs, the Board of Directors has made the decision to maintain the suspension of the tiered recognition levels. The three primary criteria for this decision are:

  1. While many chapters have been able to continue some chapter operations in a virtual manner, many are unable to do so either because of limited resources, university policy, or shifted focus in these difficult times. To restore the typical recognition structure for the benefit of some chapters, would feel like a punishment to others. 
  2. Without significant overhaul of the CMP requirements, less than 18% of chapters would have been eligible for, and even fewer achieved, the Accredited Chapter levelthe minimum standard for all chapters. To award recognition to such a small number of chapters would inherently undervalue the recognition itself and the work other chapters have completed during the year. 
  3. Only 15 of the 45 requirements for the Accredited level could be equally applied for all chapters.
We understand that prior to the pandemic, some chapters were on track to achieve a CMP level of recognition for the first time in years.  All chapters should take pride in their efforts and accomplishments completed, regardless of the label that accompanies it. 

Celebrating your Accomplishments! 

All of your hard work and accomplishments will be recognized! The traditional chapter awards program remains an important part of our recognition program. Applications for chapter awards are due June 30 through the Hub Awards Module.

Additionally, the Board of Directors announced in April we would be unveiling a new plan for recognizing chapters. While some details are being finalized, I am excited to outline the recognition program that has been developed based on your feedback. A national recognition is being established that will acknowledge chapters' success in a variety of areas--such as CMP, previously stated chapter goals, and outstanding events or activities. The local provincial leadership teams will be identifying the chapters to receive recognition based on their knowledge of chapter-specific situations. There will not be an application required to receive this recognition, as local volunteer leadership teams will review all chapters and determine recipients. 

Looking Forward to the Fall - COVID-19 Task Force 

It is likely that some of our host universities will be continuing an online format in the fall term. We have already heard from many of you with questions on what effect this will have on your chapter’s operations, finances, recruitment, and more. To address these questions and more, a COVID-19 Task Force is being established to identify ways to assist collegiate and alumni chapters in overcoming upcoming operational challenges.  This Task Force will include a variety of collegiate, faculty and alumni members to help ensure all voices are included as plans are made for the fall. We plan to send out a follow-up announcement soon sharing who is serving on this Task Force and providing additional details of the Task Force’s mission areas.

More than anything, we cannot express how sorry we are that chapters are missing out on their in-person events, Initiation, and Senior Ceremonies--along with many graduates having non-traditional graduations. The world is changing at a day-to-day pace and unevenly across the U.S. Our Board of Directors and Central Office staff are working hard to evolve at the same pace. While there is a great deal of uncertainty right now, we are confident that Delta Sigma Pi will emerge from the crisis stronger than ever. 



Tricia Smith
Grand President 


  • Fraternity Operations