Foundation Launches Stewardship Committee

Apr 29, 2020 – The Foundation has launched a new Stewardship Committee to work with the Foundation Trustees and Central Office staff.

The Committee will conduct stewardship and recognition activities. The recommendation to create the Stewardship Committee was adopted during the Foundation's Mid-Year Meeting on March 21, which was held via video conference due to ongoing COVID-19 global health emergency. 

Stewardship Committee Graphic

The intention of the Stewardship Committee is to leverage alumni and donors who are interested in volunteering for the Foundation and are interested in thanking donors. This program will appeal to those who would not necessarily attend many events and those who would not want to spend a lot of time in the volunteer role.

"The more the Foundation is able to properly steward and thank its donors, the stronger the donor base will become," said Executive Vice President Tyler Wash. "The number one indicator if a donor will give again is if that donor is properly thanked for their previous gift."

The objectives of the Stewardship Committee include: 
  • Increase the number of stewardship touch points for donors.
  • Identify and implement creative stewardship ideas.
  • Increase volunteer opportunities to support the Foundation. 
  • Engage volunteers who have a pre-existing network of donors.
The Foundation is currently looking for volunteers to serve on the Stewardship Committee. If you are interested, or would like to recommend someone, please complete the interest form linked below:

Click here to complete the interest form.

Members of the Stewardship Committee would be responsible for the following activities: 
  • Writing, addressing and mailing thank you notes to donors, as assigned by the Central Office. 
  • Writing and sending thank you emails to donors, as assigned by the Central Office.
  • Interviewing donors for donor impact stories.
  • Exploring and evaluating new, creative stewardship activities.
Once the initial committee members are recruited, the Stewardship Committee will host an introductory and training conference call. 

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