Roundtable Interview: Gail Baumer

Apr 22, 2020 – As a Scrum Master at West Bend Mutual Insurance, Gail Baumer, Buffalo (NY) , is a professional focused on project management.

Gail Baumer HeadshotHer commitment to Delta Sigma Pi is evident through her volunteer service, philanthropicleadership and participation at LEAD Schools, LEAD Provincial Conferences and Grand Chapter Congresses. 

Baumer has served in many volunteer roles at the provincial and national levels, which includes current roles as the North Central Provincial Alumni Development Chair and as a member of the Foundation Scholarship & Grant Committee. She has reached the Entrepreneur level ($10,000 - $24,999) for lifetime giving and has been a member of the Deltasig Investors Roundtable since it was created. 

The Roundtable recognizes those distinguished Deltasigs who financially support Delta Sigma Pi at a strategic level through annual gifts totaling $1,200 or more. The Roundtable is the premier annual giving society of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation. In a recent interview, Baumer shared her passion for the Roundtable.

LF: In your own words, what is the Deltasig Investors Roundtable?

GB: Through consistent support of the Leadership Foundation we are providing support toward the development and training of Deltasigs, enhancing the collegiate experience, assuring chapter development and coaching that delivers organizational change which is effective across all chapters. All of this provides professional development for Deltasigs which continues our legacy as well as prepares business practitioners. 

LF: What inspires you to give back to Delta Sigma Pi philanthropically?

GB: Delta Sigma Pi is for Life. For an organization to remain vibrant and evolve over time, investment from brothers who are able to share time, talent and treasure is necessary and deeply appreciated. When I became a brother in Delta Sigma Pi, I accepted a lifelong commitment to the organization. I care deeply about our past, present and future. We know where we have been and we continue to build on our foundation. We are witness to today and appreciate the need to remain current, embracing change affecting our profession and collegiate experience. 

As we look toward the future, LEAD events, various leadership training events, development programs such as Presidents' Academy and Certified Deltasig Leader provide training support evolution and stability of the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi. These also provide training for Deltasigs leadership and personal development topics such as risk management, integrity, professional speaking and money mastery for students.

LF: Why did you make the choice to be a Roundtable member?

GB: I chose to provide a regular, consistent contribution to the Leadership Foundation. I find this is easily managed commitment which is readily refined as I manage my personal finances and make choices among philanthropic opportunities. 

LF: What encouragement would you offer your fellow brothers for them to join you as a Roundtable member?

GB: The development programs supported by contributions to the Leadership Foundation are well done and well received. The caliber of leadership and professionalism exhibited by collegiate and alumni brothers is good to witness. With additional contributions we can provide additional support for chapter members, expanding attendance and participation, incorporate additional topics, and refresh time honored topics which are valid but would benefit from contemporary updates. Your additional contributions will make a difference! 

LF: What is your favorite Deltasig memory?

GB: Attending my first Grand Chapter Congress and meeting Deltasigs from all across the country, collegiate and alumni. The brothers I met for the first time all those years ago, I still know and see from time to time, often by attending another GCC! 

LF: Do you have any final thoughts?

GB: As you are able, where you are, as you are, Delta Sigma Pi is here, ready for your time, talent and treasure. If you are engaged with Deltasig and comfortable with your involvement, that is good news. If you would like to change your level of activity, re-engage or have been away from Deltasig for awhile and wish to reengage, we are ready for you as you are, where you are, where you want to be. I invite you to read more about the Foundation's opportunities and programs, and if you are able perhaps make a donation.

Joining Gail as a member of the Deltasig Investors Roundtable can be accomplished in a variety of ways, depending on your annual philanthropic goals. You can make a one-time investment ($1,200 annually), quarterly investment ($300 per quarter) or monthly investment ($100 per month). You can also make a five-year investment by establishing a financial pledge with the Foundation (minimum of $1,200 per year, $6,000 total). If your philanthropic plans are more complex, you can monitor your annual progress by using the Roundtable Tracker on your Donor Profile.

Get to Know Brother Baumer:

Outside of Delta Sigma Pi, which charities and organizations are you passionate about?
The United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) which provides funding for youth participation in the arts.

What traits do you most value in your friends?
Empathy, honesty and integrity.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
For the vast majority of my life, vacations were spent in Random Lake, WI. I now reside in Random Lake. My favorite vacations were GCC on Mackinaw Island, mother/daughter trip to Maine and Vermont, and mother/daughter/son trip to Seattle GCC. 

What is your hidden talent?
Sewing and designing wall quilts.
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