Deltasigs Receive Milestone Recognition at #DSPLEAD

Feb 18, 2020 – Deltasigs received their Silver Helmets at the 2020 LEAD Provincial Conferences in Jacksonville and Baltimore.

Congratulations to the following brothers who were recognized for 25 years of dedicated service to Delta Sigma Pi.


Jeanne Gregory, Tampa, is currently the Chapter Advisor for Epsilon Rho at the University of Tampa but has also been serving in other roles. Jeanne has served as District Director for Epsilon Rho at Tampa, Iota at Kansas, Delta Iota at Florida Southern and Tampa Bay Alumni Chapter, winning National District Director of the Year in 2010. She has been involved in numerous alumni chapters including Kansas City, Tampa Bay (FL) and St Pete-Clearwater (FL) and has served as chair and member of the Southern Provincial and Midwest Regional Awards Committees. Along with her husband Shawn, Jeanne was a founding member of the Tampa Bay Area Leadership Foundation Scholarship.

Shawn Gregory, Tampa, served as South Atlantic Regional Director from 1997 until 2001, earning him a spot on the Golden Council. Prior to that, he also served as District Director for Delta Iota at Florida Southern, Epsilon Rho at Tampa and Theta Phi at South Florida-Tampa. He has been involved in numerous alumni chapters including Kansas City, Tampa Bay (FL) and St Pete-Clearwater (FL), serving as treasurer for Kansas City and Tampa Bay. Shawn was a member of the South Atlantic Regional Awards Committee and served on the National Scholastic Development and Awards Committee. Shawn and his wife, Jeanne, are also being recognized with a Benefactor award for their continued support of the Leadership Foundation.

Trina Kirk, North Florida, currently serves as the Atlantic Coast Regional Vice President and Vice President-Chapter Operations of the Jacksonville Alumni Chapter. Trina has been a member of the alumni chapter since 2003 and has served in many roles including President, Vice President, Vice President-Finance and Secretary. Prior to being RVP, Trina served as District Director to Kappa Chi at Savannah State and Kappa Pi at North Florida. Trina has attended 35 national Deltasig events, including seven Grand Chapter Congresses.


Mark Chiacchiari, Pennsylvania, began his years of service when he was elected National Collegian of the Year in 1999. Immediately after, he was elected Northeastern Provincial Vice President, and went on to serve as Vice President-Organizational Development, Grand President and Past Grand President. Through his Board positions, Mark also served as a Leadership Foundation Trustee, earning the title of Golden Council and Trustee Emeritus. Mark, along with his wife and daughters, fully support Delta Sigma Pi by attending events (Mark attending more than 110 National events) and through donations totaling nearly $40,000. Many brothers fondly think of Mark, not only as a leader, but also 'that guy' who's name tormented decades of pledges who had to learn and memorize Chia-c-chia-ri. Mark spearheaded and championed many programs and changes that have formed our Fraternity to what we know and love today. 

Kathleen Lazo-Thompson, New York, served as Eastern Regional Vice President, earning her a spot on the Golden Council. She has also served as District Director for Alpha (New York), Mu (Georgetown), Zeta Eta (Saint Peter's) and Rho Tau (Rutgers-New Brunswick). Kathy served on the Nominations Committee from 2009 until 2013 and also served on the Colony Task Force. She has served on a number of Leadership Foundation committees, including the Scholarship Selection Team since 2010. Kathy has attended a number of National events, including twelve Grand Chapter Congresses where she has volunteered as the onsite banquet seat coordinator for the last couple of Congresses.

Corie McCreary, Penn State-Erie, has willingly served in several capacities for both the Fraternity and the Leadership Foundation. More specifically, she has served as a District Director for Theta Rho (Duquesne) and West Liberty Colony, President for Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter and Allegheny Regional Vice President, where she was recognized as Regional DD of the Year. She has also been chair of the Northeastern Provincial Professional Development, the Northeastern Provincial Scholastic Development and Awards and the National Scholastic Development and Awards Committees. Corie is currently a Leadership Foundation Trustee and has served and currently serves on a number of Foundation committees. She has attended numerous national events, including nine Grand Chapter Congresses, and is a continued supporter of the Leadership Foundation.

Christopher Pitzer, Shepherd (WV), has served as District Director at his Alma Mater, Epsilon Kappa at Shepherd, for ten years. He also has served as District Director for Omicron Chi (Frostburg State) and Iota Kappa (James Madison). Chris is the current Vice President-Collegiate Relations for the Shepherdstown Alumni Chapter, where he has been a longtime member, also holding the positions of President and Secretary. He makes sure to schedule time for local and national events, attending ten Grand Chapter Congresses and a number of other events, bringing his family along in many cases. He supports the Leadership Foundation, educating others and inspiring them to do the same.

Maria Ramos, Roger Williams (RI), is well known by chapter presidents as our official Delta Sigma Pi Travel Agent for Presidents' Academy, who had to deal with many cancelled flights and weather delays for the 2019 event. Many people also know her for her continued hard work on banquet seating for the last handful of Grand Chapter Congresses even though unable to attend the actual event. In addition, she has served as Eastern Regional Awards Committee Chair and District Director for Nu Sigma (Roger Williams), Gamma Sigma (Maryland-College Park) and Mu Tau (George Mason). She has attended nearly 30 events, including six Grand Chapter Congresses, and is a strong supporter of the Leadership Foundation.

Congratulations again to these outstanding brothers! 

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