Deltasigs Gather in Cincinnati for Leadership Retreat

Oct 02, 2019 – National leaders gathered in Cincinnati September 27-29 for the 2019 Post-GCC Leadership Retreat.

Not only were newly elected (or re-elected) leaders able to build their professional Deltasig networks, they had the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills both professionally and fraternally.

Each attendee completed the Birkman Assessment (which proved highly beneficial during Delta Sigma Pi's award-winning Presidents' Academy). Gaining valuable information about their leadership styles and strengths, attendees will now be able to further a higher standard across the nation, while communicating best with those of different leadership methods.

During the retreat, leaders visited Delta Sigma Pi's Central Office and interacted with staff members at a luncheon. 

National leaders headed to Oxford to visit the Central Office during the Leadership Retreat.
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