Dean Ebrahimpour wins National Chapter Advisor of the Year

Sep 25, 2019 – The Chapter Advisor of the Year Award is presented annually to one advisor who has excelled in service to the chapter and the Fraternity.

Deltasig's National Scholastic Development and Awards Committee, led by Tim Beasley, Cal State-Fullerton, selected  Dean Ebrahimpour from five provincial winners which included the following:
  • North Central – Daniel L. Tracy, South Dakota
  • South Central – Michael S. Luehlfing, Louisiana Tech
  • Southern – J. Kirk Atkinson, Western Kentucky
  • Northeastern – Maling Ebrahimpour, Rhode Island
  • Western – Carolyn Shiery, Concordia (CA) 

Ebrahimpour was nominated by the chapter’s then District Director Jen Huynh, who was recently elected as New England Regional Vice President. “Since the chapter's inception, his support and dedication to Phi Chi are evident by the results of the chapter's success this year. His ability to connect Phi Chi Chapter to opportunities on campus is greatly appreciated and noted,” said Huynh.

Dean Ebrahimpour has served as the advisor of Phi Chi at University of Rhode Island since before the chapter was installed in April 2017. As Dean, he offers many university service opportunities to the chapter, allowing them to increase their positive brand on campus. He also encouraged chapter members to attend educational programming at LEAD events and Grand Chapter Congress, helping them find ways to raise funds to attend.

Ebrahimpour also takes time to get to know the students, often mentoring them individually. He meets with the chapter officers as a group at least once a semester and regularly meets with the chapter president. According to Huynh, “He is invested in the individual success of our brothers and this leads to their ability to contribute as leaders to the chapter and Fraternity.”

Ch. Advisor
Dean Maling Ebrahimpour proudly stands with the Phi Chi Chapter after receiving his National Chapter Advisor of the Year Award. Front from left: Northeastern PVP Dan Collins, Ebrahimpour and New England RVP Jen Huynh. 

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