Western Michigan Brothers Study in Germany

Jun 18, 2019 – Four Epsilon Omicron brothers at Western Michigan studied abroad for the first part of summer in Paderborn, Germany.

While there, those studying abroad also met up with a chapter member in Paris who was vacationing. They each shared experiences, photos and reasons why all collegians should consider studying abroad. 

study abroad
Brothers enjoyed the architecture and sightseeing, from left: Eden VanSicklen, Emily Wood, Trent Aukerman and Spencer Waldmann. 

"Everyone who studies abroad will always tell you it'll be the best experience of your life, but not until you actually do it will you understand and believe it! Going to Germany was the best decision I've made in college, and I had the opportunity to travel and learn about another culture in such a unique way. The bonds I made with the other study abroad students both at Western and Paderborn are ones that we'll have for life, and I'm so entirely grateful I was able to have this experience." -Eden VanSicklen

abroad 3
Brothers learned a great deal during the trip, but also enjoyed free time to visit other countries, spending time in Paris. 

"Studying abroad opened up my eyes and made me realize the world is bigger than America. I enjoyed seeing the various cultures and architecture throughout the places we visited. My favorite part of the trip was visiting the small village of Wendhausen where my Oma and Opa lived before moving to America in 1959. I encourage everyone to study abroad as you learn more about yourself both personally and professionally at a much faster rate than studying in Kalamazoo." -Spencer Waldmann

abroad 4
Whether near or far, the chapter represents both Deltasig and Western Michigan! 

"Studying abroad in Germany was the best experience of my life so far. Seeing a different culture really is eye opening and humbling. It's awesome how we are able to learn about other cultures and their histories in grade school and then be able to see these things first-hand on trips like this. The friendships I made on this trip will be long lasting ones as we shared such a unique experience together. The only thing I regret is not studying abroad sooner!" -Trent Aukerman 

abroad 6
During their adventures abroad, brothers attended a soccer game in Germany.

"Study abroad showed me how exciting it can be to learn how people live and interact across the globe. The greatest personal gain has been the confidence in traveling and unfamiliar places as well as an eagerness to explore even more of the world. I would encourage anyone even considering doing it to take a chance and step out of your comfort zone." -Emily Wood 
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