Fraternity Board Meeting Minutes in Seconds

Feb 16, 2018 – The National Fraternity Board of Directors met in Oxford, Ohio at the Central Office in January. Read the Minutes in Seconds for a quick summary of the meeting.

Minutes in Seconds from January 19-21, 2018 Board Meeting
  • Determined Collegian of the Year winners, to be announced at the spring LEAD Provincial Conferences. 
  • Selected Elliott Ferguson, Savannah State, President & CEO of Destination DC, as the 2018 Career Achievement Award Honoree.
  • Reviewed and agreed on next steps to advance our Strategic Priorities. 
  • Referred recommendations to change inactive status and voluntary withdrawal to the Organizational Development Committee. 
  • Approved recommendation to give PVPs the authority to grant alumni status to a collegiate member in special circumstances. 
  • Approved 18-19 operating and special projects budgets. No dues or fees increases included.
  • Removed standard shipping fees for orders through Delta Sigma Pi (effective July 1, 2018)
  • Agreed VOLT will continue, but will gather proposals from third parties to develop content for VOLT in future. 
  • Approved Succeed Faster to develop and deliver the curriculum for the 2018 National Volunteer Leadership Retreat in Dallas in August. 
  • Approved to contract Plaid to facilitate and provide curriculum for the inaugural Presidents' Academy in January 2019. 
  • Moved the responsibility of pre-event management and tracking for LEAD chapter sales from the PVP to the Central Office staff. 
  • Approved purchase of MemberPlanet chapter communication tools. 
  • Approved creation of task forces: 
    • Chapter reporting tools guidance task force, which will assist with the planning and implementation of new chapter reporting tools that will accompany new membership database.
    • Risk Management, which will review current Risk Management, Insurance, and Conduct policy. 
  • Approved creating a digital archive of our chapter petitions.
  • Referred removal of gender tracking question from online profile to staff for additional research. 
  • Clarified CMP Policy to say only chapters that initiate at least one collegiate member will receive CMP credit for the initiation report that CMP credit for badge orders is based on each chapter's current badge inventory. 
  • Removed responsibility of signing membership certificates from chapter president and vice president-chapter operations. This will speed delivery to new members. 
  • Failed proposals to increase the required number of risk management events and to mandate attendance at risk management events for collegiate members. The Board would rather focus on more effective and more consistent programming through other means such as training that hits all members at different stages. Referred for additional research. 
  • Clarification was made by consensus on how to interpret merchandise policy, which will include: 
    • Merchandise that features references to third party companies or otherwise trademarked properties would not be allowed in conjunction with our marks. 
    • Although use of the term "rush" is not encouraged, it is not grounds for a merchandise design to be rejected. 
    • Approved by consent to not allow use of confederate flag in the sale of Deltasig merchandise. 
    • Approved to amend merchandise policy BB.1.e. to include DSP as an explicitly protected mark. 
    • Discussed without resolution the concerns and challenges surrounding use of our marks in the name of a company. 
  • Selected College Football Hall of Fame for the 2019 GCC Friday night group outing.
  • Fraternity Operations