A Letter about our Merchandise Policy

Oct 11, 2017 – GP Tricia Smith addresses some questions and concerns related to the updated merchandise policy.

Dear Brothers,
Recently, I’ve received some questions about Delta Sigma Pi’s updated merchandise policy and wanted to take this opportunity to address those questions and any possible concerns.
As you know, in addition to our brothers, the trademarks of Delta Sigma Pi are among the most important assets of the Fraternity. The world has come to know Delta Sigma Pi and our brand as a source for ethical leadership and professional growth. Anything that would challenge, weaken, or potentially cause Delta Sigma Pi to lose its ownership rights or to diminish our brand is a considerable threat to the longterm viability of the Fraternity.
One of the most effective and widely adopted methods for trademark management is through third party licensing. A successful licensing program allows Delta Sigma Pi to maintain ownership rights, enforce quality standards, and protect branding guidelines.  Which is why the Board of Directors recently adopted protective policies surrounding the intellectual property rights of Delta Sigma Pi and vetted and partnered with Affinity Consultants. 
Affinity Consultants works with more than 125 organizations similar in structure to Delta Sigma Pi and manages relationships with more than 1,500 approved and licensed companies. Currently, they are actively recruiting a large network of licensed suppliers to offer our members a large variety of approved products. To date, we have more than 60 licensed companies and this number is expected to grow quickly! 
The added benefit is that members are also able to recommend a company as a desired supplier of Delta Sigma Pi licensed merchandise. Have a vendor that you’d like to see licensed?  Have them register through the online vendor Gateway.
Brothers and chapters are free to sell merchandise, as part of a fundraiser, charity or otherwise, provided the products are originally purchased from a licensed company. 
Some might wonder if we need to trademark Delta Sigma Pi or use an organization like Affinity Consultants. In following our merchandise policy, members and chapters help Delta Sigma Pi secure the rich history and heritage of our name, Greek letters and other identifying marks. The goal in using a third party is the consistent implementation and protection of our brand; it is not about creating an additional revenue source for the Fraternity although revenue can be generated from licensed vendors for the benefit of the entire organization.
There was also an inquiry to remove particular items from being included within the merchandise policy. Since the policy is about protecting the brand and trademark of Delta Sigma Pi, a specific item, such as a pin, can not be carved out or not included. If our trademark were ever challenged we would need to be able to show a consistent history of protection. Carving out one item from the policy would show inconsistency in our protective practices and would put the entirety of our trademarks at risk.

For additional information regarding this policy, please visit our Merchandise Policy page, review our FAQs, view our Merchandise Policy Q&A recorded webinar from August 30, 2017, or contact Central Office staff
I am very excited for the opportunities that this creates for our brothers and chapters, including new vendors and merchandise to choose from! Check out the licensed vendors today – and be sure to check back soon as this list is growing fast!
Tricia Smith
Tricia Smith
Grand President, Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity
Trustee, Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation
  • Fraternity Operations