Brotherhood Spotlight: Catherine Cummings

Nov 24, 2015 – SYRACUSE, New York--Whitman School of Management shines spotlight on Catherine Cummings, Syracuse.
The following story is republished with permission by the author, Greta Rosenblum, a student at Syracuse University in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.
 Catherine Cummings
    Coming to Syracuse from a small town outside of Philadelphia, Catherine found difficulty choosing between the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. After careful consideration she decided to become a dual major between both schools, majoring in broadcast and digital journalism and retail management. This year, she has also taken on a minor in economics. It doesn’t stop there. Catherine is a sister of Delta Delta Delta sorority, a brother of the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, involved in Citrus TV with Juice and Java and College Eats, a Whitman Ambassador, a tutor, and a former cheerleader for the Syracuse football team.
    Catherine said, “My Lily Pulitzer planner is my everything. I am a huge planner.” Planning and time management seem to be the answers and solutions to all, although getting used to college life as a freshman was difficult for her. “I think getting adjusted to Whitman and Newhouse is definitely very tough.” She learned from her first few months of freshman year, staying on top of her schedule and responsibilities is the key to success.
    As a freshman, Catherine knew she wanted to be involved in as much as possible. Aside from her dual major, she decided to rush the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. DSP is composed of Whitman students, mostly business and finance majors.
    “I joined DSP my first semester and I think having older people to look up to in Whitman definitely helped me get more of that camaraderie and that sense of community,” she said. She was beginning to comfortably adjust and her time management skills excelled as she continued to add more things into her daily routine.
    In addition to joining DSP in the fall, Catherine made the choice to also rush a sorority in the spring. She said, “I absolutely love Tri Delta. I think rushing was one of the best decisions of my entire life.” After officially becoming a sister of Tri Delta, Catherine took one step further and acquired a position on the sorority’s board as the Body Image Coordinator. Having this position, Catherine stresses the importance of self-love and self-confidence and also prepares a Wellness Week in October where many workout and healthy eating activities occur. “I absolutely love that because I think for a lot of us as young, college-age females, we tend to feel insecure,” she continued, “We have to conform to this certain image that most of us don’t even want to be.”
    Confident and organized herself, Catherine is also involved with Citrus TV, which touches on her interest in broadcast and digital journalism. Citrus TV is an on-campus organization in which Newhouse students produce, direct, broadcast and entirely run television segments. Catherine just began getting involved with Citrus this year with segments such as “Juice and Java” and “College Eats.”
    All of these activities, organizations and dedication to her studies will pay off subsequent to graduation. As an immensely involved student, Catherine stresses to others to “get as involved as possible and don’t worry about how stressed you are going to be."
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