Leadership Foundation Fee Structure

As a part of fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility, the Board of Trustees established a reasonable fee structure that includes fees applied to certain gifts upon receipt and fees applied to certain funds held by the Leadership Foundation. The purpose of the fees is to help provide annual programming grants to the Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity and to help offset operating costs of the Foundation, including alumni relations and development efforts to increase the level of private support.
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Endowment Funds Fee

Endowment funds, including those pending endowment, will be charged an annual administrative fee of 1.5 percent of the fair market value of the fund’s assets on June 30. There will be no gift processing fee charged to individual gifts to an established or pending endowment fund.

Immediate Use Funds Fee

Individual gifts to an immediate use fund will be charged a gift processing fee of 10 percent. There will be no administrative fees charged to immediate use funds


Endowment funds, including those funds pending endowment, are invested with Merrill Lynch and are often comingled in order to achieve a higher rate of return. The Leadership Foundation’s investments are managed by various professional managers and governed by the investment policy set by the Board of Trustees, through an Investment Committee. Chapter Leadership Funds are invested in a money market account with US Bank to ensure the high level of liquidly needed to achieve short-term financial support. All funds absorb a fair portion of the cost associated with investing and this allows each fund to realize long and short-term gains. The investment policy tends to be more conservative in nature, trying to eliminate drastic rises and falls in the market value of each fund. While this policy may limit the fund from growing at the same pace as common market indicates, it helps protects the funds during market turndown.