Central Office Renovation Progress Archive


Delta Sigma Pi’s Central Office renovation of 2009-2010 was a massive undertaking, made possible by the generosity of Deltasigs from all over the world. These pictures capture the progression as our Central Office was renovated to better serve Delta Sigma Pi members and leadership worldwide.
Almost done with bricks Cutting Trim Outside First Set of Bricks Almost Installed Front Walls Complete Engraved Pavers, Plants to Come Heather's New Office Glass Cases Complete in Board Room Main Foyer Northeast Corner Grass and Rails to Come Paver Walk Almost Done Rails being added to front wall Janet and Craig's Office Almost Complete Shanda's Office Almost Complete Shanda's Window Treatments Reception Area Wainscoting in Main Foyer Starting on Brick Patio East Hallway Flooring Done Executive Director Office Deer Tracks in Sand Bricks Bricks Ready to be Laid Built in Bookcases in Bill's Office Dirt Piles from Fence Trench New AC- Furnace Old Board Room Jack's Office Plywood for Roof Roof Almost Attached Old Kitchette Supply Room Trench for Fence Upstairs Copier and Bathroom Gutted Alumni Library Basement Door and Old Kitchen Basement Door Mail Room Cement Pouring for Fence Construction Office Jeanna and Cheryl's Office Mini Bricks Bobcat Convention Roof Elevator Roof Almost Complete 100_1179 100_1185 100_1186 100_1183 100_1188 100_1189 100_1181 100_1191 100_1192 100_1193 100_1194 100_1195 100_1198 100_1199 100_1200 100_1201 100_1202 DSC_0023 (4) DSC_0030 DSC_0042 (2) DSC_0044 (2) DSC_0056 (2) DSC_0067 (2) DSC_0069 (2) 100_1190 Mason Walt Long Walt Long, Mitch Simmons, Greg Koch, Norm Butt, Justin Farmer 100_1173 100_1187 100_1175 100_1176 100_1174 100_1178 DSC_0070 (2) 100_1177 100_1184 100_1180 100_1182 South Campus View- pavers coming Upstairs West Room Walls for west steps tile and floor complete in basement bathroom West Steps Progressing west steps 2nd floor bathroom drywall now done Accounting Dept. Cleared OUt Area at top of steps Basement Elevator and Bathroom Basement Outside Stairwell Caps on Wall copper gutters being installed Elevator arrives - 1 Elevator arrives - 2 Elevator door West Steps Frame Future Board Room Emptied Hoisting elevator parts to basement Janet and Elizabeth's Temporary Office Jeanna and Cheryl's Temporary Office Library insulated - awaiting dry wall (2) Upstairs Bathroom Library Main Flow General Work Room Library insulated - awaiting dry wall Michael, Craig, Crystal, and Meggan's Temporary Office new entry into basement office space new entry into old board room New Exit Signs North Steps track lighting for executive director photos installed Old Board Room Old Consultant Area getting paint and carpet Old Board Room, New Office, Full of Stuff ramp to elevator addition Ramp Ramp Almost Complete trim work trim work underway Membership Books being Stored foundation for steps to elevator addition Elevator Control Room Main Floor Elevator Lobby Main Floor Kitchenette Main Floor Bathroom 2 New Consultant Area Recreate Interior Trim Fireplace with new Tiles Server Room Wires Snow Covered Soldiers Snow Slows Construction Wires Hanging Around Women's Bathroom Almost Done Women's Bathroom Back of Central Office Basement Elevator Lobby Board Room Ceiling Board Room Wires in Floor Consultant Area Copier Room Detail Work Server Room Special AC unit New Accounting Officers Main Floor Bathroom Entrance from Main Floor Elevator Lots and lots of wires Work on new Boardroom Dale's New Office Dust Barricade Fireplace Front Foyer Insulation Janet's Desk Area Main Floor Elevator Lobby Main Floor West Wing Men's Bathroom Gutted New Consultant Area New Basement Bathroom Copy Room and Vault Rubble in New ELC Area Server Room Temporary Copy Room To be kitchenette and break area Wall Fence with Caps Walls Coming Down on Main Level to Elevator West Steps Curing Ramp and Back Steps Board Room Looking North Close up of ramp Opening from Main Foyer to Elevator addition Women's Bathroom Gutted New Upstairs Bathroom Dale's New Office 2 Dirt Being Moved HT, SG, JT during Staff Meeting Lots of pick up trucks Founders Room Congress Prep Masons at Work Masons Out Meggan's Wndow Meggan and Janet's Office Meggan Loving Renovation More Electric Trenches ER Boxed In New Back Door Old Supply after Asbestos removal Parking Lot Full of Construction Items Rock backfill around sump pump Roof Breached Scaffolding Piles Sign Down Sump Pump for Elevataor Supply Ready for Asbestos Removal Tower from Second Story Window Trench for Electric Lines Upstairs Bathroom Prep Near Top of Tower Banks Brothers Block Laying for Elevator Mason at Work 2 Construction Worker out window Coffee Room Consultant Closet Gone Upstairs Kitchen GONE End of the day July 20 Consultant Office Cleared Out Dumpsters 1 and 2 Elevator Pit Progress Concrete Foundation (looking south) Crane Used to Pour Cement Framing at Bottom of Basement Stairs Basement Bathroom Demolition Front Looks the Same Michael Switch Back Ups Pouring Cement into Concrete Forms Red Waterproofing Waterproofing Material Framing for Kitchen Concrete Hole Concrete Foundation Waterproofing Slowed Due to Rain Construction Meeting Sign with Landscaping Back of Building Looking South Back of Building Looking West Donor Wall 2 Donor Wall Exterior Bronze Coat of Arms Simmons and Kogge Sorting Through Art Grand President Display Hanging Bronze Coat of Arms Hanging Chapter Map Looking West at Back of Building Main Floor Foyer with Coat of Arms Sign 2 Ramp and Addition Mitch in front of clock Back of Building Looking East Main Floor Hallway looking west Front with Sign IMG_1922 IMG_1930 IMG_1832 IMG_1833 IMG_1835 IMG_1837 IMG_1838 IMG_1840 IMG_1841 IMG_1842 IMG_1845 IMG_1847 IMG_1848 IMG_1851 IMG_1852 IMG_1853 IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1935 IMG_1859 IMG_1860 IMG_1861 IMG_1862 IMG_1856 IMG_1866 IMG_1867 IMG_1865 IMG_1872 IMG_1874 IMG_1875 IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1879 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1884 IMG_1885 IMG_1886 IMG_1887 IMG_1889 IMG_1868 IMG_1892 IMG_1893 IMG_1891 IMG_1895 IMG_1897 IMG_1890 IMG_1899 IMG_1903 IMG_1888 IMG_1905 IMG_1906 IMG_1904 IMG_1910 IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1916 IMG_1917 IMG_1928 IMG_1921 Etched Glass Boardroom Doors Gig Plaque Janet and Heather in Mail Room Janet and Meggan's Old Office Cleared Out IMG_1909 Kitchenette Complete Kitchenette IMG_1894 Mail Room Set Up Main Floor West Wing 2 Main Floor West Wing Main Hallway on East End Molding at Entrance to Board Room Library Janet, Jeanna, and Heather Set up Mail Room Pepsi Bottle Found in Wall Ramp from Library Window Receptionist Area (Bill temporarily across the hall) Receptionist Area, Hallway, and Administrative Area Removing Wallpaper from Main Foyer Server Room Shanda's Office New Hallway to Executive Wing View from Janet's Desk Area View from Michael's New Office into Bill's Office New Hallway 1950s Central Office Exterior Outside ED Office Ben and Kevin Do Heavy Lifting Bill's Office Almost Empty Board Room and Hallway Brittany's Desk in Founders' Room Demolition of Old Foundation Office IMG_1918 IMG_1898 IMG_1929 Wood Floors Outside Boardroom Shelves Installed in Dale's Office IMG_1927 IMG_1925 Saw Cuts in Basement Floor Windows in Basement Gone To Become Courtyard (Back Cleared) Big Equipment Archives Room Filling Up with Furniture To Become Courtyard (Insert Brick Here) Bobcat and drainage trench Bobcat filling dumpster Catch Basin Complete Cement Samples Clearing out Back Courtyard Area Construction Vehicles in Parking Lot Bobcats and North Drainage Trench Consultant Escaping Concrete Framing Deep Trenches with Roots Drainage (Corner) Drainage (Street) Drainage Trench filled with Gravel Dumpster and Potty Drainage in Front Empty Consultants Office Finding Water Line and Cutting Pipes Fire Extinguisher Drainage Complete (front) Founders Room Cleared Out Founder's Room with Break Room Tables Elevator Footings Janet Wrapping (or Sleeping) Kitchen Equipment Being Stored Michael and Andy Prepare Archives Room for Servers Norm with Notice of Commencement (with Shanda) North Drainage Trench- looking South North Drainage Trench Port a Pot Pretty Tree Property Markings 2 Property Markings Jack's Office Dale and Crystal in Dale's Packed Office Bobcat filling drainage Footings for Elevator Waiting for Potty Sand and Gravel for new back Survey Markings in Back Staff Happy to See Renovation Progress! Jack's Office New Drainage Southwest Corner North Steps Removed 2 North Steps Removed Rain Delays in Back Hallway to Elevator Entrance Saw Cuts for new plumbing2 Saw Cuts for new plumbing Kitchen Gone Rainy Day Blues Picture 225 Picture 231 Picture 228 Picture 233 Picture 182 Picture 232 Picture 185 Picture 187 Picture 188 Picture 189 Picture 184 Picture 192 Picture 193 Picture 229 Picture 195 Picture 190 Picture 198 Picture 199 Picture 200 Picture 201 Picture 202 Picture 203 Picture 204 Picture 205 Picture 206 Picture 207 Picture 208 Picture 209 Picture 210 Picture 211 Picture 212 Picture 213 Picture 214 Picture 215 Picture 216 Picture 217 Picture 218 Picture 197 Picture 220 Picture 221 Picture 194 Picture 219 Picture 230 Picture 226 Picture 227 P5240512 P5240518 P5240516 P5240517 P5240513 Michael Figuring Out Cindy's Furniture Back Fence P5240519 P5240520 P5240515 Phone and Electric Trench Working on Bricks for Ramp Alumni Library Plastic 2 Alumni Library Plastic 3 Alumni Library Plastic Back Staircase Ramp Up Carpet Removed from Old Board Room Kitchen Almost Done Masonry Progress on Ramp New Stock Room Old Board Room 2 Old Board Room PB190244 PB190245 Bricks Cleaned and Sealed Ramp Moving Along Ramp Area West Area Almost Complete Supply Room Almost Done PA200142 PA200140 PA200141 Supply Room Tiles in Basement Busy Parking Lot Cement Boom Cement Crane Cement Poured in Forms for Ramps Dirt from Excavation Being Hauled Away PA200135 Encased HVAC Excavation for Ramp and Courtyard Fence and Wires Muddy Painting in Basement Rebar for courtyard Second Floor Library PA200139 PA200138 PA200137 Elevator Shaft PA200136 Michael, Heather, and Lots of Boxes Lots of Steps to Haul Junk Out Messy Attic Financials in Attic (mostly shredded) We will miss back steps and big tree Beginning of Step Removal 2 Beginning of Step Removal Big Drill Used to Remove Steps Steps Almost Removed 2 Steps Almost Removed Steps Being Removed Steps Removed Rings of the Tree Trimming the Top Off Truck full of wood Bare Tree New Phones Lines Wire in Tree Wires Exposed in Ground Cable Through Tree Cable Wires Gig is ALWAYS watching Cheryl's Mike 'Relocating' Items Ben Working Hard to Clean Basement 1-800- Got Junk Trunks (1 of 2) 1-800- Got Junk Trunk (Not Banks) Lumber Moving In Peak of Addition Roof almost done Laying Brick for Elevator Tower Tank Top Level Lobby 2 Top Level Lobby View out 2nd story window Walt Long Mitch with Blueprints Basement Dry Wall Almost Complete Brick Done Norm and Justin Dry Wall in Basement Drywall entering new kitchen P9090096 P9090097 P9090095 P9100103 Bricks Half Done P9100098 Base of Fence along Campus Consultant Area P9100101 P9100102 P9100100 P9110110 P9100099 Almost to the Top P9110105 P9110109 P9110104 P9110108 P9110106 P9110107 Bricks Almost Complete Stairwell Gone, Ramp to Come Interior of top Level Addition Bricks Almost Touching the Roof Inside new addition looking into building

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