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Sometimes the best way to take in information is by being part of a conversation. Over time, Delta Sigma Pi leaders have offered interactive webinars on a variety of topics relevant to chapter management and career development. The recordings below include dynamic conversations that contribute to your understanding and give you insight into how these topics apply in a variety of settings, from collegiate and alumni chapters to professional life. The webinars are arranged by topic, but many of the discussions overlap, so be sure to scroll down if you’re looking for more information on a particular issue.

Please note that presenter titles, names, and contact information are correct as of the recording date, and presenter information may have changed. To contact the presenter of any webinar, or the current officeholder in that position, use the search tool, or contact the Central Office.

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Chapter Operations

Be A Winner! Applying for Delta Sigma Pi Awards (Recorded 4/24/2012)

Length: 23 minutes
Description: Learn about all of the awards available to Delta Sigma Pi members and chapters, and learn helpful tips to submitting an award-winning application in this helpful webinar.
Presenter: Corie Schilberg, National Scholastic Development and Awards Chair

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Collegiate Chapter Best Practices (Recorded 9/29/2011)

Length: 21 minutes
Description: This webinar covers collegiate chapter best practices for membership, timely meetings, positive impressions, financial awareness, and creating the most memorable chapter occasions.
Presenter: Dale Clark, Director of Chapter and Expansion Services

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Executive Committees of the Future (Recorded 11/6/2013)

Length: 26 minutes
Description: This webinar casts a vision for Executive Committees that goes beyond the basic duties of each office.
Presenter: Dave Glanzrock, National Organizational Development Chair

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Hit a Home Run: Reaching Your Chapter Goals (Recorded 5/9/2012) 

Length: 33 minutes
Description: This webinar covers chapter goal setting, including how to set reasonable goals and achieve them.
Presenters:  Kyle Rinderle and Cory Stopka, Educational and Leadership Consultants

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Scream it from the Rooftop...and Other Ways to Communicate (Recorded 3/20/2012)

Length: 59 minutes
Description:  In this webinar, we review the best ways to communicate and show you some tools that make communication easier and more effective.
Presenters: Heather Troyer, Director of Member Services; Jeremy Levine, Associate Director of Member Services; and Chad Corbitt, Group Interactive Networks

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Show Me the Hub! (Recorded 8/28/2013)

Length: 45 minutes
Description: Find out how the Hub works and learn how it can put your chapter one step closer to achieving CMP's Chapter of Excellence status.
Presenter: Heather Troyer, Director of Member Services, and Jeremy Levine, Director of Information and Operational Services

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Speaker Shock: Beyond Professional Speakers (Recorded 10/17/2012)

Length: 25 minutes
Description:  This webinar discusses options beyond speakers and tours and provides ideas that you can use to enhance any professional event.
Presenter: Cory Stopka, Educational and Leadership Consultant

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The Do's and Don'ts of Pledge Education (Recorded 11/29/2011)

Length: 54 minutes
Description: This webinar focuses on pledge program policy and discusses common mistakes that chapters should avoid when creating and administering a pledge program.
Presenter: Kyle Rinderle, Educational and Leadership Consultant

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Transition: Effectively Changing Officers (Recorded 12/3/2013)

Length: 28 minutes
Description: Officer transition is more than passing a file, box, binder, or stack of emails.  This webinar helps you understand your role within the overall leadership structure of Delta Sigma Pi, clear up common misunderstandings, and set realistic goals for yourself and your chapter.
Presenter: Kyle Rinderle, Educational and Leadership Consultant

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Alumni Chapters

Alumni Chapter Recruitment (Recorded 5/21/2013)

Length: 50 minutes
Description: This webinar covers strategies for successful alumni chapter recruiting and retention. 
Presenter: Kara Lenox, National Alumni Development Committee Chair, and multiple alumni chapter representatives

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Creating the Best Alumni Chapter (Recorded 6/17/2014)

Length: 44 minutes
Description:Learn some of the tips and tricks to having one of the best alumni chapters in the country, including best practices and ways to become a Gold level chapter through the new Alumni Chapter Recognition Program.
Presenter:Kara Lenox, National Alumni Development Committee Chair

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Alumni/Faculty Relations

Alumni and Collegiate Relations (Recorded 11/8/2011)

Length: 38 minutes
Description: Learn ways to bridge the gap between alumni and collegiate worlds without the use of a spaceship in this helpful webinar.
Presenter: Heather Troyer, Director of Member Services

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Cooking Up Results-The Missing Ingredient (Recorded 10/23/2018)

Length: 36 minutes
Description: Are you the chapter that is struggling to get advice around campus and having a hard time recruiting? Do you think you have everything figured out and looking for the next way to improve? Either way, the faculty and staff of your college or university can help you serve up only the best! Learn simple ways to help improve faculty/staff relations and leverage those relationships!
Presenter: Chad Robinson, 2015 National Collegian of the Year

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Faculty Relations (Recorded 1/19/2011)

Length: 25 minutes
Description:  This webinar shares ideas about how to get your faculty initiates involved and interested in the Fraternity, as well as ways to involve your chapter advisor in the chapter. 
Presenter:  Crystal Simmons, Educational and Leadership Consultant

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The Secret Alumni Code: How to Connect to Deltasig Alumni of all Generations (Recorded 4/12/2011)

Length: 40 minutes
Description: This webinar covers the perspectives and motivators of the four workplace generations—Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Millennials—and applies how those differences can help collegiate chapters better connect with alumni. Learn more about Joe Mayne and view other useful career search topics at
Presenter:  Joe Mayne, Leadership Foundation Trustee Emeritus

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Transitioning to Alumni Life (Recorded 4/22/2014)

Length: 28 minutes
Description:Delta Sigma Pi can be a lot of fun in college, but graduation shouldn’t mean the end of your life as a Deltasig.  Learn the best ways to transition into alumni life with Delta Sigma Pi and learn how to best stay involved with the brotherhood.
Presenter:Richie Brandt, 2013 National Collegian of the Year

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$10,000 Fund Raising Ideas (Recorded 2/28/2012)

Length: 64 minutes
Description: With some creative thinking and sound business principles, your chapter can have a $10,000 fundraiser.  This webinar teaches you how to tap into common knowledge for money making, why people buy things for $99 but not 99¢, how to write a mini-business plan, how to create a fundraiser that your chapter can do again and again, and secret strategies for cross-selling and upselling for HUGE revenues!
Presenter:  Mark Mikelat, Golden Council member and Trustee Emeritus

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Fun (and Profitable) Fundraising (Recorded 2/12/2014)

Length: 51 minutes
Description: Fundraisers don’t have to be boring and difficult.  This webinar gives you some fun and creative thinking, as well as tools and examples to help your chapter be more effective at fundraising.
Presenter: Malory Ammerman, Educational and Leadership Consultant

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Effective Meetings (Recorded 9/27/2018)

Length: 40 minutes

Description: Participants will:

  • Understand the importance of planning before running meetings
  • Discuss the role of the leader and the role of meetings in business
  • Understand the importance of running effective meetings
  • Be empowered to run effective meetings, delegate effectively, and ensure thorough meeting minutes
Presenter: Jodi Schoh, National Organizational Development Committee Chair

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Effective Meetings (Recorded 9/21/2011)

Length: 42 minutes
Description: This webinar provides tips and techniques to help your chapter overcome the common roadblocks to effective and timely meetings.
Presenter: Kyle Rinderle, Educational and Leadership Consultant

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Robert’s Rules to Effective Meetings (Recorded 1/28/2014)

Length: 85 minutes
Description: Would you like to have a more effective meeting?  “Robert’s Rules to Effective Meetings” provides tips and techniques to help your chapter overcome common roadblocks to effective and timely meetings.
Presenter: Bryon Goguen, Bentley, 2013 GCC Chancellor

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Get Them to the Greek: Using Attendance Policies, Committees and Trials (Recorded 4/3/2013)

Length:  74 minutes
Description:  This webinar discusses how attendance policies, committees, and even trial procedures can help increase attendance and motivate your members to greater participation.
Presenters:  Central Office Staff

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How to Motivate Your Team, Every Time, All of the Time (Recorded 6/12/2018)

Length:  59 minutes
Description:  Team work makes the dream work. But, working in teams is tough. It can be exhausting and challenging to get people together, have them understand AND agree on courses of action. Teams can also delay work and arguments can create conflict and ill will. How can you harness the power of the team and reap the rewards of team collaboration, without the strife and wasted time? Well, this webinar will tell you how to accomplish this and much, much more.
Presenter:  Mark Mikelat

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Motivation and Participation: How to Keep Brothers Involved (Recorded 12/13/2011)

Length: 43 minutes
Description: Does your chapter need a boost in participation? This webinar provides information on how to boost the morale and participation of chapter members throughout the school year and how to re-energize them after summer and winter breaks.
Presenter: Cory Stopka, Educational and Leadership Consultant

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The Four Steps to Creating a Motivated Membership - Planning, Communication, Idea Sharing, and Execution (Recorded 11/12/2013)

Length: 36 minutes
Description:  Increasing member participation and enjoyment is not as daunting as it seems. This webinar outlines a basic roadmap for infusing life into your chapter events, including four key steps for creating an engaged membership and making your chapter fun and successful. 
Presenter: Paul Carpinella, National Professional Development Committee Chair

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R & R: Recruitment and Retention (Recorded 1/18/2012)

Length: 52 minutes
Description: Want to strengthen your chapter’s recruitment process? This presentation focuses on the core aspects of recruitment: determining who to target, promotion, events, and retention of both recruits and brothers throughout the recruiting process.
Presenter: Cory Stopka, Educational and Leadership Consultant

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Recruiting Success Secrets (Recorded 1/13/2014)

Length: 57 minutes
Description: In this webinar, Mark Mikelat, a marketing consultant, author, and professional speaker, teaches you how to have an incredibly successful recruitment, including key words that attract the best students, how to sell Delta Sigma Pi, and what makes marketing messages effective.
Presenter: Mark Mikelat, Golden Council member and Trustee Emeritus

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Personal Development

A Brand of Brothers (Recorded 3/30/2010)

Length: 41 Minutes
Description:  This dynamic program covers how you can establish your own personal brand through the use of Delta Sigma Pi.  From building brand equity, shelf life, label power and brand velocity, learn the tactics and “Hire Me” factors you need to be successful in the marketplace. Learn more about Joe Mayne and view other useful career search topics at
Presenter:  Joe Mayne, Leadership Foundation Trustee Emeritus

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 A College Career Plan for the New Economy (Recorded 1/24/2012)

Length: 59 minutes
Description: This seminar reviews data and real-world case studies that show why getting “just a college degree” is no longer enough, discusses the importance of developing a career plan NOW versus just before graduation, helps you learn how to use high-impact career development tools and discusses the crucial steps of career development including internships, networking, online presence and more.
Presenter: Mark Babbitt, CEO of YouTern

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Branding You, Inc. (Recorded 2/22/2012)

Length: 60 minutes
Description: Branding You, Inc. helps you take social media from a conversation to a powerful branding and career resource tool.
Presenter: Adam Karwoski, CEO of Social Brand U.

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Emotional Intelligence (Recorded 8/29/2018)

Length: 43 minutes
Description: Understand what emotional intelligence (EQ) is and how to increase your awareness of your own EQ to help your chapter.
Presenter: Lisa Brown, National Professional Development Chair

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I'd Follow My Passion, If I Only Knew What It Was! (Recorded 2/6/2012)

Length: 55 minutes
Description:  In this informative webinar, learn tips for discovering your passion and then learn how to pursue it in your career and personal life.  For more information about Adam Carroll or to check out his book, Winning the Money Game, visit 
Presenter: Adam Carroll, Phoenix-Thunderbird

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Keeping Money In Your Pocket (Recorded 3/15/2010)

Length: 50 Minutes
Description: This webinar reveals how to keep money in your pocket during and after college, including how to dominate the scholarship process and how to become debt free quickly after college. For more information about Adam Carroll or to check out his book, Winning The Money Game, visit
Presenter: Adam Carroll, Phoenix-Thunderbird

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Living the 4 Agreements (Recorded 12/12/2018)

Length: 33 minutes
Description: The Four Agreements, written by Don Miguel Ruiz, provides a template for living a life that is free from unintentional conflict, allowing individuals to have more power over themselves, and greater influence among those they lead. We will dissect the agreements and how they impact individuals, chapters, and what happens when they’re violated to the community and brotherhood.

  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Always do your best

Presenter: Adam Carroll, Phoenix-Thunderbird

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Maintaining a Proper Digital Presence (Recorded 11/8/2018)

Length: 30 minutes
Description: Maintaining a Proper Digital Presence by Justine Ramsey, with our career partner GEICO, will help you navigate the ins and outs of social media/digital etiquette. You will learn best practices for maintaining your social media profiles, interacting with others digitally and presenting yourself in the best light as a business professional.
Presenter: Justine Ramsey, with our partner GEICO

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 Online Tools to Unleash Productivity (Recorded 10/7/2014)

Length: 47 minutes
Description: Have you ever felt as though you spend so much time organizing group projects that there is barely time to get the work done? Do you wish there was an easier way to manage the constant stream of e-mails? Are you wondering how to manage your schedule using technology? Let Brothers Laura Grosdidier and Matt Hauer help you unlock your productivity as they share with you the apps, extensions, and online tools they have used to save countless hours of time over their student careers.
Presenters: Laura Grosdidier and Matt Hauer, both Minnesota.

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Resume Pretty Bland? Have You Ever Considered Tutoring? (Recorded 9/9/2013)

Length: 45 minutes
Description: In this webinar, learn how tutoring can build your resume in college and beyond, find out how potential employers view tutoring, and get tips for starting out in tutoring at any point in your career.
Presenter: Chad Corbitt, Tutor Matching Service

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Your Money Questions Answered! (Recorded 1/28/2013)

Length: 73 minutes
Description: This informative webinar answers common questions about personal finances, money, and budgeting.  For more information about Adam Carroll or to check out his book, Winning the Money Game, visit
Presenter: Adam Carroll, Phoenix-Thunderbird

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Professional Development

Corporate Culture & Your Job Search - Presented by Epic (Recorded 3/6/2013)

Length: 60 minutes
Description:  In this webinar, you’ll learn about company culture and its impact in the workplace, how to research corporate cultures, and how to use that research during the hiring process.
Presenter: Noel Niles, Epic

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How to Cheat the System and Land Your Dream Job (Recorded 10/13/2010)

Length: 70 minutes
Description: In this webinar, you’ll learn how to get your foot in the door with companies, how crashing conferences can benefit you, why Google is the new resume and what that means for your job search, why you need to think about your career like an entrepreneur, and how social media can transform the way you look for jobs.
Presenter:  Andy Drish works at a financial services company by day and is a successful entrepreneur in his free time.

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How to Get in with Anyone and Maintain Your Relationships (Recorded 9/30/2014)

Length: 28 minutes
Description: In this webinar, you will learn the 17 rules on how to network at conferences even if you don't know anyone. You will also learn the best principles for before, during, and after each conference you attend. Along with that, you will find out the best tools to use for maintaining your network as easily as possible. Last, but not least, you will get a free action guide to use at every conference you attend to maximize your ROI + the FREE audio version of Conference Crushing.
Presenter: Tyler Wagner, bestselling author of "Conference Crushing"

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How to Navigate Through Conflict Management (Recorded 11/14/2018)

Length: 36 minutes

Description: Conflict management is the process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict while increasing the positive aspects of the outcome. The aim of conflict management is to enhance learning and group outcomes, including effectiveness or performance in an organizational setting. In this session, we will explore the sources of conflict including conflicting goals, personalities, and values; different styles or a conflict in values. Our goal is to discuss and embrace conflict as a part of an organization and make the most of each situation. We will arm the leaders to transform the situation into something better by leveraging their own conflict management style which could include: Accommodation, Avoidance, Collaboration, Competition or Compromise.  
We will explore:

  • Setting expectations (ground rule development)
  • Friend versus leader
  • Leveraging the best style for the situation

Presenter: Tim Augustine, Kent State (OH) 

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LinkedIn: Get An Interview Without A Resume (Recorded 10/16/2013)

Length: 24 minutes
Description: This webinar teaches you a process to circumvent the resume filters major companies use to select candidates for their positions and teaches you how to use LinkedIn to its fullest potential.
Presenter: Carl Lymangood, St. Thomas (MN)

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Negotiate Like a Rock Star (Recorded 12/9/2013)

Length: 41 minutes
Description:  When you’re negotiating a starting salary for a new job, knowing how to prepare and what you’re negotiating for are critical.  This webinar teaches successful negotiating techniques that make you a rock star at salary and benefit negotiation. Learn more useful career search topics at
Presenter: Tim Augustine, Kent State

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So Call Me Maybe? Strategies for Connecting to Alumni in Your Job Search (Recorded 11/14/2012)

Length: 38 minutes
Description: Learn why and how to connect with alumni during your job search with a clear framework for effective and personable networking within the Delta Sigma Pi community.
Presenter: Jason Levin, founder of Ready, Set, Launch, LLC

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Taking the Conflict Out of Conflict Management (Recorded 3/25/2014)

Length: 50 minutes
Description:  Having the communication skills and right approach to resolving issues in a constructive way can make the difference in your success as a leader.  This session helps you understand the human reactions to conflict and learn how to focus your efforts on resolving situations in a positive manner.
Presenter: Katie Magoon, Leadership Foundation Trustee and director of recruiting for Progressive Insurance

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The Dorm Room Entrepreneur (Recorded 4/6/2014)

Length: 55 minutes
Description: With ready access to talent, resources, simple payment modules, and advice, starting a business from an apartment or dorm room is simple. This webinar walks you through the process of taking an idea and making it a reality in 60 days or less. For more information about Adam Carroll or to check out his book, Winning The Money Game, visit
Presenter: Adam Carroll, Phoenix-Thunderbird

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The Power of Mentoring - Be a Mentor/How to Find One (Recorded 7/18/2018)

Length: 43 minutes
Description: In this webinar, you’ll learn the benefits of being a mentee or mentor and how to find opportunities to start these relationships.
Presenter: Brad Killmeyer and Joe Battista

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Where Are All the Internships and Jobs? (Recorded 4/14/2010)

Length: 60 minutes
Description:  This powerful seminar is based on Tim's nationally acclaimed book How Hard Are You Knocking? published by Oakhill Press. Tim gives college students proven strategies for navigating through this challenging job market and landing the job or internship they desire. Learn more about Tim Augustine and view other useful career search topics at
Presenter:  Tim Augustine, Kent State

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Why Trust Matters (Recorded 1/22/2019)

Length: 52 minutes
Description: This webinar will provide participants:
- An understanding of the five key behaviors of highly effective teams
- Examples of how trust changes the dynamic of team performance
- Activities and discussions that help team members develop trust
Presenter: Katie Magoon, LF Chair