Fraternity Board Meeting Minutes in Seconds

Aug 28, 2019 – The National Fraternity Board of Directors met in Atlanta in August. Read the Minutes in Seconds for a quick summary of the meeting.

Interim Mail Votes not previously reported: 
  • Reviewed and approved the 2019-20 operating and special projects budgets with no dues or fees increases.
  • Approved pledge voting procedure policy, to be updated if Bylaw Amendment approved. (Approved at GCC.)
  • Updated national election policies to provide the ability for candidates to campaign upon validation, to use electronic and social communications tools, and to clarify campaign parameters around national events.
  • Approved Palm Springs as the site for the 2025 Grand Chapter Congress.
  • Approved 90 day suspension for Theta Chi (San Jose State) for alleged hazing accusations.
  • Approved Alba Baylin, vice president community and stakeholder relations, North America Group, with The Coca-Cola Company, as the 2019 National Honorary Initiate. Brother Baylin was initiated at Grand Chapter Congress.
  • Approved recognition of the Distinguished Service Certificate to Jessica Boucher, who received the award at Grand Chapter Congress.
From August 11, 2019 Board Meeting: 
  • Approved changes to the standard pledge education program to enhance the learning experience for pledges and betterment of the Fraternity. Some of the updates include adding an online learning system component, increasing the local initiation fees limit, and changing the meeting, event and other requirements to better align with the intended learning outcomes.
  • Approved creation of ten collegiate chapter officer training modules and two volunteer training modules (one chapter operations and “volunteering 101”) via a Learning Management System.
  • Approved tentative list of chapters financially ineligible to vote at GCC pending payment onsite by cash or credit card.
  • Thanked Katie Magoon, Larry Mroz, Chuck Brown and Steven Lambros for their service as LF Trustees and welcomed new Trustees: Beth Keith, Tim Augustine and Jodi Schoh.
  • Announced a $25,000 donation to the Leadership Foundation coming from Enterprise Foundation, which was presented Thursday of Congress.
  • Approved IRS Set Aside Resolution of passive income in the amount of $156,174.
  • Approved Leadership Foundation grant request funding prioritization for 2020-21.
  • Changed the Leadership Foundation donation CMP requirement (optional item in Chapter of Excellence-Tier 3) from a $100 chapter donation to $1,000 in combined gifts to the Chapter’s Leadership Fund.
  • Moved “Guide to Pledging and Initiation—Campus Requirement” from HH.3. to Section E. Pledging and Initiations so chapters can more easily find this policy as they plan their initiations.
  • Eliminated the one year requirement for colonies since other policies ensure requirements are met before receiving Board approval.
  • Reduced the activity requirement for a colony. Eight professional events was reduced to five and six service events was reduced to four.
  • Changed the fee schedule for colony invoicing and payment. Generally, each colony will pay $200 every 60 days, starting 90 days after their founding.
  • Approved policies to address logistics improvements at the Presidents’ Academy and updated the travel policies for Presidents’ Academy to be more flexible for using a variety of hotels and cities in the future.
  • Updated policy to cover more staff costs of attending LEAD Provincial Conferences.
  • Removed the alumni forum requirement listed within LEAD Programming policies to allow for more flexible (intended) programming geared towards alumni brothers in attendance.
  • Placed Phi (Southern California) on suspension for 90 days from 8/11/2019.
From August 17, 2019 Board Meeting: 
  • Reviewed the Bylaw and Ritual actions of the Grand Chapter, taking no official action.
  • Reviewed several recommendations from attendees at the Grand Chapter, taking no official action.
  • Delegated authority to the Executive Director to issue warning, concern and encouragement letters to chapters (Bylaws Article XIV, Section 2).
  • Named Lisa Brown National Organizational Development Committee Chair.
  • Named Tim Beasley National Scholastic Development & Awards Committee Chair.
  • Reviewed potential disciplinary actions concerning brothers at Grand Chapter Congress with no action at this time.
  • Accepted the following brothers into the Golden Council: 2017 National COY Olivia Malice; National Committee Chair: Angela Schelp; and Regional Vice Presidents: Musanna Al-Muntasir, Daniel DelPiano, Jason Ewing, Ellie Godwin, Cody Heimerdinger, Meghan Hill, Matthew Hudson, Aimee King, Trina Kirk, James Kuhn, Megan LeBouef, Jen Lee, Gabriella Leto, Jennifer Mayes, Jen McCanty, Monica Monroe, David Pratt, Joshua Robinson, Madison Whitehouse and Nyonohseyonyon Wreh.

  • Fraternity Operations