We Are Better Together

Aug 02, 2019 – Meet YouTube content creator and Cal State-East Bay brother Octavious Webster.

I recently octavious3had the pleasure of speaking with Octavious Webster, Cal State-East Bay, a content creator from California. He shared his experiences about creating his YouTube channel, We Are Better Together, and how his family inspired him to be better. Of course, he credits Delta Sigma Pi for giving him the knowledge necessary to create an inspirational message and learn how to share it with others. 

What inspired you to become a content creator on YouTube? 

Octavious shared that he is a very kind and generous person with a caring heart. He mentioned that he would be willing to take a late night call or make a person feel better, or if he saw someone on the side of the road, he wouldn't hesitate to help them out. He has a full heart and a high emotional IQ, which he credits to his large family. Octavious was raised in a way where he considers his extended family as his immediate, with aunts and uncles as parents and cousins as siblings. As former president of Zeta Tau at California State University-East Bay, Octavious learned that leaders are always helpful to anyone. One quote that resonated with me was, "If I can help one person, I've done my job." 

I see you have a variety of videos on your YouTube page, like preparing for marriage, preparing for a first birthday, and even preparing for Bali. Your message seems to be straightforward and direct: We Are Better Together. What was your motivation for this message? What is your final goal? 

One of my favorite things about Octavious is how he put everything into examples. The analogy he used to answer this question is that it takes a lot of copper to make a penny, pennies to make up nickels, nickels to make a dime, and so forth. Although we can be fast individually, we can go further when we work together as a cohesive unit. Octavious referenced how much better people are when they are together. "In business," he explained, "you have your mentor to guide and teach you. In your family, you have someone to lean on. There are very few things that are not better together. It takes more to make something better." 

What are the biggest struggles of being a new content creator?

The biggest struggle, in Octavious's opinion, is finding the time to create quality videos. He works a full-time job, but being a content creator is like running another business. When asked about his skills, he said he came in with minimal experience. He was a cameraman back when he was younger and remembered some of those skills. As for editing, he practice until he became better and understood the software. For the business aspect, he attributes his success to Delta Sigma Pi. "As a leader, you will be talking a lot," Octavious shared. 

How has Deltasig helped you get to where you are today? What advice would you give current brothers?

Delta Sigma Pi helped him gain the bravery to step up and become a leader. Octavious lived by "he who profits most serves best," and reminds brothers to keep finding your reason and contributing to the Fraternity. To him, it was to "find like-minded people and feel part of a group." 

By: Alexandra Bartkoske, Miami-Ohio, Communications Intern
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