Eckerd Brother's Grand Slam Career

Jul 05, 2019 – "The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination." -Tommy Lasorda

College. For most entrepreneurial-spirited individuals, it's a time to sharpen their skills and prepare for a future of trailblazing, and creating paths where they do not yet exist. Most aren't thinking about doing so while also taking challenging business courses. We know by now, however, that Deltasigs aren't like "most," especially not Nick Bernabe, Eckerd (FL). From being a founding member of the Upsilon Phi Chapter at Eckerd in St. Petersburg, FL, to currently working for Major League Baseball as an analyst in the Dominican Republic... Bernabe keeps knocking 'em out of the park! 

Creating a Brand New Chapter
In 2015, while studying International Business at Eckerd, Bernabe was approached by a close friend (Rob Weigel, Eckerd) who was interested in starting a colony. The two proceeded onward with a vision to create a space for the business students to develop their professional skills and grow their networks. With the help of their outstanding faculty advisor, Robert Jozkowski, and a supportive alumni chapter nearby (Tampa Bay Alumni), the chapter was installed in spring 2016. Bernabe went on to become the chapter's second president. When asked his favorite Deltasig memory, he reminisces, "The day we installed as a chapter was one of my favorite memories from college. We had a luncheon after our installation where the Eckerd community came together with Deltasig Tampa Bay community - that was when I realized what kind of impact this Fraternity can have on a college campus. Attending LEAD events in Birmingham and Nashville with other members of Upsilon Phi are a close second!" 

Upsilon Phi_resized
Brother Bernabe's favorite college memory is the day the chapter he founded at Eckerd was installed. Pictured in the middle front row is Rob Weigel, who co-founded the chapter with Nick. Also pictured in the back row, sixth from the right, is the chapter's faculty advisor, Robert Jozkowski. 

Landing His Dream Job 
A baseball fan his entire life, Bernabe grew up rooting for the Chicago Cubs, as his IMG_1647father runs their Triple A team in Des Moines. During his time at Eckerd, Nick knew working for Major League Baseball (MLB) was a highly competitive career, so he did his best to stand out in every way he could. "I was able to work as a baseball operations intern in the Minor League Baseball office during my college career. There I learned about the industry from some of the best people in the business. I owe a great amount of my career to the folks in that office." After graduating in 2017, he went on to work as an intern in the MLB Commissioner's office in New York. From there, he moved to Phoenix and worked in the Arizona Fall League, run by MLB, as an operations supervisor for the Mesa Solar Sox. At the end of the season, he landed his current role and signed a contract to become an expatriate and move down to the Dominican Republic office, working as an analyst in amateur player registration and international operations, a role he's held for a year and a half. 

Nick's main role is to help with the registration process for international amateur players who are not subject to the MLB Draft. He works with independent trainers, as well as all thirty Major League Clubs, to get players ready to be signed on the July 2 International Signing Day. He also recently helped launch the MLB Trainer Partnership Program, which is an initiative to combat performance enhancing drug use in the minors in the international field. "Anytime I can give a memorable moment to someone else, like bringing a fan onto the field for batting practice before a game, or giving a kid a new glove, those are the experiences I enjoy most," says Nick, a firm believer in the motto, "It never costs you anything to be nice." He adds, "Also, going to the World Series is pretty cool!" 

Moving to a Different Country
A major part of Brother Bernabe's job not only entails being fully immersed in living and working in Santo Domingo, but also working with people from all around the world as a primary contact point in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia. Since moving abroad, he admits, "I certainly have more appreciation for how other cultures operate, especially in under-developed countries and developing countries. I think we sometimes take for granted things like running water and electricity, so when you work with people who don't always have that, it makes you further appreciate their ability to get things done." 

On living in the Domincan Republic, Bernabe says he was "welcomed by the wonderful people here in the Dominican, so they've remained my favorite part of living in the country." 

During his downtime, Bernabe enjoys photography, and recently captured a baseball field in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he currently resides and works.

For this globetrotting, "the sky is the limit" brother, his track record at Eckerd and in his professional career with MLB, it's safe to say he hit a home run. 
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