Deltasig Investors Roundtable Launches

Mar 24, 2019 – The Leadership Foundation Board of Trustees is excited to announce the formation of the Deltasig Investors Roundtable.

Deltasig Investors Roundtable LogoThe Deltasig Investors Roundtable recognizes those distinguished Deltasigs who financially support Delta Sigma Pi at a strategic level through annual gifts totaling $1,200 or more. 

The Deltasig Investors Roundtable is the premier annual giving society of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation. All gifts (unrestricted and restricted) in a given fiscal year (July to June) count toward an individual's membership. 

"Deltasig Investors make a true investment in the future of our brotherhood and ensure that a quality Fraternity experience is provided to future business leaders," said Leadership Foundation President Katie Magoon. "We are excited to launch this new opportunity that will change the philanthropic landscape of Delta Sigma Pi."

Joining the Deltasig Investors Roundtable can be accomplished in a variety of ways, depending on the donor's annual philanthropic goals. Membership can be achieved by making a one-time investment ($1,200 one-time gift), quarterly investment ($300 per quarter) or monthly investment ($100 per month). A five-year investment is also an option for donors by establishing a financial pledge with the Leadership Foundation (minimum of $1,200 per year, $6,000 total). If your philanthropic plans are more complex, you can monitor your annual progress by using the Deltasig Investors Roundtable Tracker (coming soon to your donor profile). 

Deltasig Investors deserve special recognition. Membership includes: 
  • Public recognition to inspire others. 
  • Insider communication.
  • Invitations to special events.
  • Opportunities to contribute to your ideas. 
  •  Grand Chapter Congress ribbon.
  • The DELTASIG subscription. 
Those who qualify for the Deltasig Investors Roundtable by June 30, 2019 will be invited to take part in a signature kickoff event during Grand Chapter Congress in Atlanta.

Contact EVP Tyler Wash or visit for more information about the Deltasig Investors Roundtable. 
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