Brother Brings New Meaning to Deltasig For Life

Jun 05, 2018 – Written by: Brother Martin D. Van Nood, Weber State (UT)

I pay tribute to Delta Sigma Pi with a tattoo of our coat of arms. Here is my story. 

My college career began in 1967. At that time, I was already a Vietnam veteran, married and starting a family. Partly because of this, it took six years for me to achieve a bachelor's degree. Mind you, I'm not complaining but those were tough years. A full-time job back then was at least 45+ hours per week. 

Being married with two kids meant attending night school. For four years that is actually the way it was. Year after year, my grades were steadily heading in a downward spiral. At this juncture, I knew something would have to change for me to meet my objective of a degree. 

 I quit my job in favor of a part-time position at Sears and a work-study job on campus. This, along with my GI bill, made it possible for me to move forward and my family to continue our home life, more or less, as usual. 

Luckily my work-study job was assisting in the school of business. This gave me the opportunity to come in contact with some professors who were brothers. Partly because of this and the fact that I needed a vehicle to test the results of what I had learned using my training and experience, Eta Lambda chapter at Weber State College got a new member. The chapter's members and resources helped me learn how to be a better student. And my grades immediately began to improve. 

Soon after, as VP-Professional Activities of the chapter, I was able to interact with community and industry leaders plus on-site of Browning Arms, Mt. Bell, Thiokol Rocket engines and more. 

Looking back on it now I realize what an affect this experience had on me (and my family's) life. 

Shortly after graduation I had the confidence to start my own business, where I realized some small measure of success. Now retired and a widower, I spend my time enjoying my friends and son and daughter, and the seven grandchildren they have given me. 

So one day, while working on my golf game, it came to me to credit Delta Sigma Pi for what they have done for me. 

Thank you so much and keep up the good work! 

Van Nood

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