Buffalo (NY) Lends a Helping Hand to Teachers

Jan 19, 2018 – Alpha Kappa at Buffalo University spent a day with The Teacher's Desk, an organization that benefits over 130,000 students annually.

Being from the area and having volunteered with The Teacher's Desk in high school, VPCS Liz Humphrey knew as soon as she was elected that the chapter would volunteer there on Make A Difference Day - and volunteer they did! 

Those who teach understand how expensive it can be to stock a classroom with essentials for students whose families are unable to purchase school supplies. That's where The Teacher's Desk comes in - they provide teachers in Buffalo with free school supplies to support their students. Annually, the organization is able to help around 6,000 teachers with materials valued at $1,000 each, impacting over 130,000 students at 230 schools. 

More than 20 brothers gathered at The Teacher's Desk, completely filling the volunteer maximum for the day. While there, brothers organized and sorted books, unboxed and packed tapes for teachers to take to their classrooms and helped those in need find the supplies to help their students. 

Buffalo (NY)
Buffalo (NY) volunteers alongside The Teacher's Desk founder John Mika, pictured right. 

"What The Teacher's Desk offers is such an invaluable asset to these students," says Liz Humphrey. "Fostering education means fostering growth out of poverty." 

To learn more about The Teacher's Desk, visit: theteachersdesk.org. 

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