Fraternity Board Meeting Minutes in Seconds

Sep 01, 2017 – The National Fraternity Board of Directors met in New Orleans, Louisiana in August. Read the Minutes in Seconds for a quick summary of the meeting.

Minutes in Seconds from August 13 and 19, 2017 Board Meeting:

  • Approved IRS Set Aside Resolution of passive income in the amount of $341,503. 
  • Approved tentative list of chapters financially ineligible to vote at GCC pending payment onsite by cash or credit card. (Delta Tau (Indiana State) and Epsilon Upsilon (New Mexico State) paid and were eligible to vote). 
  • Approved Leadership Foundation grant request funding prioritization for 2018-19, including $200,000 for Presidents' Academy. 
  • Approved change for CDL Certificates to be printed by submitter instead of printed by the Fraternity and presented at events. 
  • Approved changes to Central Office Staff Employee Insurance Program, adding an HSA.
  • Failed GCC "dress down" Leadership Foundation fundraiser day due to complicating factors. 
  • Removed local requirements in the pledge education program policy: pledges to serve on a chapter committee and to participate in chapter fundraising. 
  • Added policy language to better identify for a pledge what professional dress generally includes. 
  • Removed policy that permits chapters at quarter schools to exceed the 10-week time limit for fall pledges by delaying fall initiation into the January term. 
  • Added a CMP demonstration as a requirement of the pledge education program.
  • Approved 2018 Fall LEAD School Budget. (Rates are the same as 2017). 
  • Approved changes regarding electronic account platforms, including a requirement for chapters to include "Delta Sigma Pi" and the Greek letter chapter name in their account title. 
  • Add wording to the GCC reimbursement policy regarding lower reimbursements to Regional Vice Presidents who only attend part of GCC. 
  • Adjust the spring Initiation Ritual Memorization CMP item (Accredited Chapter) from June 15 to June 1. 
  • Allowed the Grand President to approve and sign the Executive Director's current employment agreement as long as it does not deviate materially from the one presented to the 2015-17 Board. 
  • Approve chapter reorganization for Kappa (Georgia State University) by unanimous vote. 
  • Unanimously placed Alpha Omicron (Ohio University) on suspension for 90 days. 
  • Approved to write off $3,204.50 debt for Alpha Omicron (Ohio University), which is on university and Fraternity suspension. 
  • Approved one-year probation and a 6-month offer of receivership to Kappa Pi (University of North Florida). 

  • Fraternity Operations