Staying Engaged

Nov 10, 2016 – All over the world, brothers are joining together to spend time with friends that were brought together because of one thing—Delta Sigma Pi.

When we talk about staying involved with Delta Sigma Pi, we usually promote joining an alumni chapter, volunteering as a district director or on a committee or participating in local collegiate events. But being involved in Delta Sigma Pi isn't always that formal.

Brothers at Delta Eta Chapter at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas joined together last month during the university's homecoming to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the chapter. Brothers had a special treat though -- they were able to see the contents of a time capsule buried on campus thirty-five years previously.

Originally, the plan was to open the capsule at the 50th anniversary celebration, but with the bolts around the capsule rusted shut, some brothers entrusted the assistance of university personnel to open the box. The reveal was scheduled with Lamar University officials in June and Brothers Perry Dorrell, Dale Tyson, Dean Venta and Dennis Warren all excitedly watched as the capsule was dug up.

A new marker has been placed next to the original spot of the time capsule. The capsule and contents were donated to the Gray Library's archives for posterity. The time capsule included pieces of history including a list of members, pledges and faculty present for the burial, The DELTASIG magazine, a University Press, a Beaumont Enterprise, a Wall Street Journal from April 1981, and a bottle of Spanish Cabernet Sauvignon. Delta Eta was installed in April 1956 and later closed in 1998, remaining inactive today.

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time capsule
The time capsule, which was buried in front of the Galloway Business building at Lamar University in 1981, was unearthed in June.

time capsule 2
The time capsule included pieces of history including The DELTASIG magazine, local newspapers and a bottle of Spanish Cabernet Sauvignon.

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