GINsystem Rolls Out Exciting New Updates

Oct 04, 2016 – GINsystem recently announced new upgrades to their web-based system and mobile app for collegiate chapters.
From attendance tracking to study abroad settings, it helps chapters stay more organized and communicate easily among brothers.

Tired of long roll calls and paper sign-in sheets at chapter meetings? GINsystem launched attendance tracking for chapters, which officers can easily utilize when creating events in the GINsystem calendar. Simply choose to add an attendance check-in to each via location services or passcode.


A chapter officer can also choose a location-based check-in. When brothers are geographically inside the location during the time of the event, they simply select the event and check in using the GPS technology on their phones. Officers can also set up a 4-digit passcode for event check-in, which records a brother's attendance once they type in the code. Once check-ins are complete, officers can download the list and print for their records.


Another helpful new feature is the study abroad setting. If a chapter has members who are studying abroad, interning away from campus, inactive or are temporarily disaffiliated for recruitment, GINsystem allows you to eliminate communication with them via email, text or push notifications. The process involves four easy steps:

1. Go to the Administrative menu and click "Manage Users"
2. Next to each member's name are dropdowns to select a member's officer status and a "more" button
3. Chapters click on "more" to bring up and select the Study Abroad option
4. When a member returns to the chapter, an administrator simply returns to this screen and unchecks the feature to start communications again.


To learn more about the new features or start using GINsystem, visit:

By: Megan Chadwick
  • Corporate Partner
  • Fraternity Operations