Halsey Tournament at Nebraska-Lincoln is a success!

Mar 18, 2015 – The inter-chapter event held in February provided endless opportunities for fun and brotherhood while also raising funds for the chapter.

Halsey Tournament is a 56 year-old tradition of the North Central and Great Plains regions. This year, Alpha Delta Chapter at Nebraska-Lincoln had the great honor and opportunity to host the 2015 installation. Nebraska-Lincoln was chosen by the Halsey Selection Committee based on their proposal at the 2014 event. 

"Just having Halsey here at Nebraska-Lincoln is super exciting. It's the first time for us as a chapter and it's a huge honor to receive the bid to have it at our university," said Alpha Delta Chapter President Jake Thomas. 

Halsey is a weekend-long basketball and volleyball tournament between Delta Sigma Pi chapters that concludes with a closing ceremony and dance for all the participants. The country-inspired dance was a hit and matched the Home on the Halsey theme of the weekend.

Halsey is a great tradition in the North Central Province because it is a positive, laid-back way to connect with members. Collegians, alumni, and pledges all come together to participate and meet or reunite. This year more than 200 members from across the Midwest attended the tournament.

In addition to the volleyball and basketball tournament champions, awards are presented to chapters in various categories. The Eta Pi Alumni Team (Wayne State-Nebraska) won the volleyball tournament and Minnesota State won the basketball tournament. Nebraska-Lincoln received the sportsmanship award.

"The event speaks for who we are as an organization, a professional business fraternity that promotes social activity. What better way than bring brothers to our campus," said Thomas.

Halsey is much more than a weekend of competition, it’s a chance for brothers to meet many members from other chapters. Through friendly competition and even a little line dancing, brothers enjoyed making new friends and the inter-chapter bonding.

The Lincoln/Greater Nebraska Alumni Chapter also sponsored a tour of Memorial Stadium, home of the Nebraska Huskers.

Congratulations to Drake (IA) for earning the bid to host Halsey in 2016!

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