How to Join Delta Sigma Pi

Boston Gamma
Joining Delta Sigma Pi positions students to excel in their careers, leadership positions, and personal lives, with influence and opportunities that extend long beyond graduation. Interested in joining Delta Sigma Pi?   

How to Join

  • Delta Sigma Pi membership candidates must receive an invitation from a local chapter.
  • Express your interest to the chapter's Senior Vice President (in charge of recruitment) or Vice President-Pledge Education. As a fraternity for business majors, only business and economic majors are eligible for membership.
  • You may join Delta Sigma Pi if you are already a member of another social or professional (not general business) fraternity, sorority, or honor society. You may not simultaneously maintain membership in Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Gamma Nu, or Phi Chi Theta.
  • Interested students who are issued an invitation to membership become pledges. Learn about how to be a great pledge, and stay in contact with chapter leadership. As a pledge, you’re welcome to get involved in chapter events, hang out with other Deltasigs, and attend provincial and national Delta Sigma Pi conferences.
  • After successfully completing the pledge education program, you become a fully initiated member of Delta Sigma Pi, with access to exceptional social, educational, and professional events, a worldwide network of other Fraternity members, and lifelong support as a leader, business person, and community member.
Want to know more? Contact your local chapter to get connected with people who can answer your questions. Ready to join Delta Sigma Pi? Your local chapter can help you out with that, too. Choosing to join Delta Sigma Pi is your first step towards a career and a life of leadership, excellence, and impact.