Volunteer Online Leadership Training (VOLT)

Leadership Team
Attendees:  District Directors and Regional Vice Presidents

Commitment: There will be a meeting every 6 weeks.
  • Check-in: This is a web-based learning session with the whole group led by Fraternity leaders discussing topics as outlined below.
  • Meet Like Minded Leaders: This is for small group discussion of the topics in between webinars. The groups of 3-5 will be assigned by the Professional Development Committee and be announced at the first meeting of a session. Each group will be based on role and geographical region such as RVPs and DDs being grouped together but from different provinces while trying to take time zone into consideration. Small group facilitators will be chosen by experience and desire. There will be an FAQ to help them get started. 
Attendance Tracking: Individual attendance will be tracked for the monthly check-in webinars. For “Meet Like Minded Leaders”, it is important to attend the meetings and support your brothers. This will be on the honor system.

Feedback and Program Review: At the end of the program and after each monthly check-in webinar, a survey will be sent to participants to gain feedback on the effectiveness of the topic(s), its relevance to their role in the Fraternity, and how applicable the topics and presentations were to their personal development.

Tentative webinar dates and monthly topics:  

Month Topic  Description
September 5 Setting Expectations Review the best way to goal plan with your region/chapter and the expectation that go along with this role. 
October 9 Strategic Priorities Engages volunteer leaders on our priorities and how these should be used in their leadership position. Creates an open dialogue for how to engage their chapters and reflect on how this impacts our Fraternity.
November 13  Ins & Outs of CMP  Discuss the Ins & Outs of CMP and discuss ways you can help your chapter(s) be success.
January 29 Leadership and Organizational Development Understanding fundamentals of Leadership and Organizational Development and how Volunteer Leaders can make a tangible impact on chapters
March 12 Strengths Quest/Assessment Identify strengths and leverage these throughout your volunteer role. There would be a proposed cost.
April 23 Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Understand what emotional intelligence (EQ) is and how to increase your awareness of your own EQ to help your chapter.
June Debrief How did it go and what do you want to see in the future

How to Apply: Complete registration below two weeks before the start of each session.