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The safety and well-being of our members is paramount, therefore the Fraternity utilizes this page to maintain transparency and provide up-to-date information regarding its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage you to check back frequently as things change quickly and this is a good place to start for centralized information. If you do not find what you are looking for, please reach out to your local leadership team or the Central Office (, whose staff remains working remotely to assist you. 

Best Practices During COVID-19:

Recent updates include:  

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General Fraternity FAQs

  • How are national headquarters operations effected?

  • What actions have the Board taken regarding the COVID-19 crisis?

2020-2021 Chapter Operations FAQs

  • How can staff assist chapters?

  • How has CMP changed for 2020-2021 to assist chapters?

  • How can chapters effectively recruit this fall?

  • Should we still be charging chapter dues/pledge fees?

  • How can chapters use Ritual in virtual or in person meetings?

Spring 2020 Chapter Operation FAQs

  • How do we continue operating as a chapter?

  • We were on track for accredited chapter/recognition/excellence will we still be able to get that if we are remote for a portion or the remainder of the term?

  • What will happen to our pledges who have not been initiated?

  • How can we continue our pledge education program for the rest of the term while we are operating remotely?

  • How can we hold elections?

  • What should we do if we can't pay invoices?

  • Should we still be charging chapter dues/pledge fees?

  • Can we still apply for chapter awards?

  • If we cannot install our chapter officers ritualistically, can they still serve in office?