Keep Delta Sigma Pi the Best Business Fraternity

Collegiate Chapter Officers Have Impact 

What sort of impact do you have on your Delta Sigma Pi chapter? Your campus? Your community? Your world? As a Delta Sigma Pi officer, you’re invested with the opportunity to really make a difference. Are you giving it your all?

Student life is busy, and Delta Sigma Pi is not your only priority. Maximize your efforts to do the best job you possibly can.

Use the resources at your disposal. Become familiar with the office-specific resources available to you, as well as other, more general, resources available online. Don’t forget to connect with your alumni volunteers and chapter advisor and get their advice and input.

Never stop learning. Delta Sigma Pi e-learning and webinars are designed to build your effectiveness and efficiency, making you a better leader and administrator, whatever your role. Likewise, LEAD events and Grand Chapter Congress can give you a big boost in confidence and ability in your role, as well as preparing you for future impact.

Build on others’ successes.
Stay connected with other Delta Sigma Pi members and leaders on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and in person to learn from the success other chapters around the country have had in making Delta Sigma Pi the best business fraternity on their campuses.

Learn to use your time wisely. You may have more time than you think. Delta Sigma Pi’s e-learning modules include a wealth of information on how to learn to use your time more efficiently and effectively. Talk to your faculty and alumni advisors for their recommendations on books or other resources to build your time management skills.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You aren’t in this alone. Your advisors, District Director, regional and national officers, and the Central Office staff are here to help. If you’re overwhelmed, reach out for help. Good leaders know how to delegate and when to call in the experts.

As a chapter officer, your role in making Delta Sigma Pi the best business fraternity in America is critical. Your contributions matter!