Candidates for Grand Chapter

Jun 07, 2021 – Elections for the offices of Grand President, VP-Finance, and Provincial and Regional Vice Presidents will be held at the 2021 Grand Chapter Congress.


As of June 7, 2021, 38 brothers have been nominated for elected position and seven positions have no candidates. Please review the Candidates Beacon for a complete listing of brothers nominated for elected position. To learn more about running for office, please visit the Candidates page.

Board Positions
Grand President: Paul Carpinella and Cory Stopka
Vice President-Finance: Jodi Schoh
North Central PVP: Noel Miller and Nicole Orlando
Northeastern PVP: Stacy Jordan, James Kuhn and Monica Monroe
South Central PVP: Charles Kenney
Southern PVP: Meghan Hill
Western PVP: Erica Kolsrud

Regional Vice Presidents
Atlantic Coast: Trina Kirk
Bay Area: Mel Parazo
Capital: No candidates
Central: Braden Sim and Rebecca Wells 
Central Gulf: Kyle Bischoff
Desert Mountain: No candidates
East Central: No candidates
Eastern: No candidates
Empire: Charles Weening 
Gateway: Joseph Shaver
Great Lakes: Zachary Hanson
Great Plains: Jody Dierickx
Gulf South: Laura Bensabat
Gulf Western: Gilbert Landras
Huron: No candidates
Mid-Atlantic: Chelsey Fix and Marlena Jones
Mid-South: No candidates
Midwestern: Katie Whalen
New England: Jennifer Huynh
Niagara: Robert Fosdick
North Central: Danielle Gohman
Pacific Coast: Timothy Beasley and Carley Haro
Pacific Northwest: Samantha Clark
Rocky Mountain: Nicolas Rizzi
Sierra Nevada: Cody Heimerdinger
South Atlantic: Ronald Neto-Taylor
Southeastern: Kenneth Cook 
South Pacific: No candidates
Southwestern: Sara Casey
Steel Valley: Patrick Bonfrisco
Tornado Alley: Mark Wernette
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